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Rate/comment on my top five girl and boy names?

What do you think of my top five girl and boy names?


Alexis Paige

Cassandra May

Elizabeth Marie

Leah Kennedy

Madeline Faith


Alexander Scott (Alex)

Bennett James (Ben)

Grant Michael

Jared Thomas

William Tyler (Liam)

Thanks! Much appreciated!

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    Alexis Paige - love it!!! The nickname Lexi is gorgeous.

    Cassandra May - love it!!! I love the nickname Cassie!!!!

    Elizabeth Marie - great!! totally classic, and I love how Elizabeth can have so many nicknames - Ellie, Ella, Liz, Lizzie... or just Elizabeth!

    Leah Kennedy - love it!!!!!! Leah is one of my favorite names, too.

    Madeline Faith - beautiful!!!!! love the nickname Maddy, such a beautiful name, and Faith is perfect.

    Alexander Scott - great!! Alex is a classic name, and Scott flows perfectly.

    Bennett James - love it! great flow, love love love the nickname Ben!!

    Grant Michael - really great!!! perfect flow, strong name

    Jared Thomas - great flow, good names.... again, awesome!

    William Tyler - love it!!! Strong sounding name, and I love the nickname Liam.

    WOW. you have some really awesome names!!!!! They're really almost all on my own favorites list in some way...... great, great, great choices!!!!!! love them. My favorites that are similar to yours: Alexa Grace (Lexi), Cassidy Brielle (Cassie), Leah Juliet, Madeline Brooke (Maddy), Benjamin Chase (Ben), and William Noah (Will or Liam). That's crazy... you have amazing taste in names!!!!! lol. hope this helped and best wishes =)

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  • 4 years ago

    Top 5 boy names: 1. Nathaniel 2. Connor 3. Wesley 4. Garrett 5. Matthew Top 5 girl names: 1. Andrea 2. Chelsea 3. Tara 4. Alexandra 5. Brooke I don't really like the name Dylan, but Emily is pretty. Both of them are decent names for a child.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Wonderful choices!

    1. Leah Kennedy

    2. Alexis Paige

    3. Cassandra May

    4. Elizabeth Marie

    5. Madeline Faith (call her Madeline, not Maddy?)

    1. (Liam) Tyler

    2. Grant Michael

    3. Jared Thomas

    4. Alexander Scott

    5. Bennet James

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  • Anonymous
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    Alexis Paige-- cute

    Cassandra May- what about Cassandra Mae

    Elizabeth Marie- too common

    Leah Kennedy- what about Kennedy Faith I love that

    Madeline Faith-- is very cute


    Alexander Scott (Alex)-- its nice

    Bennett James (Ben)-- hate bennett but love James

    Grant Michael-- its nice

    Jared Thomas-- love it my favorite from your list of boy names

    William Tyler (Liam)-- what about nickname Will instead of Liam

    Source(s): mom to 3 girls and baby #4 due 9-9-09
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    I love Alexis Paige, Elizabeth and Leah

    Cassandra is a bit old sounding and madeline is just not nice

    and Alexander Scott and William Tyler...awesome names!

    Liam is my favourite!

    Source(s): mum of 3
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  • 1 decade ago

    I really like Leah Kennedy. I never hear the name Kennedy, but I love it. It's a name suitable for a child as well as a grown woman.

    Alexander Scott for a boy. It has a nice ring to it.

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  • hunt
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    1 decade ago

    i like Elizabeth Marie, Grant Michael, Jared Thomas and William Tyler.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I really like the top 3 girls names and the last one not a fan of Leah Kennedy though.

    I like Alexander and William not a fan of the other ones exspecailly not Bennett.


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  • 1 decade ago

    Alexis Paige

    Bennett Tyler


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  • I like everything but:

    Cassandra (greek: She who entangles men) - I don't like this name because it's the name of my husband's psychotic x-wife.

    Kennedy - It's a boy name in my eyes, therefore I don't like it on a girl.

    Bennett - It's just boring

    I Love:

    Alexander Scott and Alexis Paige

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