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visiting france for a week?

my family is moving overseas and we're stopping in france to visit on the way..we have a week there, and i was wondering what were some of the attractions we should go see? and we were hoping to center the trip around paris.

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    There are so many things to see and do in Paris that you will just have time to scratch the surface in a week.

    To start with go on a boat trip on the Seine on one of the vedettes du Pont-neuf. There will be an English commentary that will point out all the main sights along the river like Notre-Dame and the Eiffel tower, or take one of those buses that do the same but the tour takes you further inland showing you things like the the Arc de Triomphe, the Opera and other main sites.

    You should explore the ile de la cité on foot, visiting Notre-Dame cathedral and the Sainte-Chapelle which has the most beautiful ensemble of stained glass windows in the world, seing the Paris flower market near by on the way.

    The Louvre is one of the most famous and largest art museum in the world with the painting of the Mona Lisa and the statue of the Milo Venus. If you like more modern paintings there is the awesome art museum in a converted railway station (Orsay) where you will fin a lot of impresionist paintings and Degas's original bronze little ballet dancer. If you are interested in the French revolution and queen Marie-Antoinette go to the Conciergerie. If you have a brother, he might be interested in the Invalides with Napoléon's tomb and the war museum. If you like hip things there is the quartier Latin.

    In the Paris suburbs there is the palace of Versailles, one of the world wonders, with its huge gardens, which is a must see and will take a whole day to visit.

    Foreigners are very interested by the Paris catcombs and the cemetary of Pere Lachaise. They also like going up the Eiffel Tower.

    For a week you should get a Paris travel card that will allow to roam about for six days and also give you priority free entry to most main attractions.

    If you look at the website, you will get full info and it also tells you about other places to visit.

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