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Could I trouble you for your opinion on Solid State Drives?

I am building a computer and processing/access speed is a big priority, so I was considering purchasing a small (20 GB) SATA solid state drive to serve as my primary drive. Does anybody have experience with SSD's? Do they live up to the hype? Are they in fact lightning fast like they say?


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    Yes, SSDs are very fast, if you can afford a decent one, and they are great as a boot drive. However you may want a slightly larger one e.g 32 or 64gb. Make sure you have another hard drive for the rest of your files though...

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    I think they are the way that technology is going, but they are not quite where they should be yet. And at this point don't justify their cost. Like most new technologies they are going through kind of a first generation period where companies are working out the bugs and early adopters spend too much on poor products. I think for SSDs they are close to being good products, and will be worth the money in a few months.

    I think in 6 - 12 months the price of SSDs will become alot more reasonable and they will start to become more common.

    I know that if you are going to buy a SSD make sure it does not use the Jmicron controller, as I have read that those SSDs perform poorly.

    For more reading check this out...

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    Well I haven't used one myself, but they are certainly faster and more "stable", that's for sure. As for the categorization, well, I really do not know. Are you expecting? :p

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