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Anonymous asked in TravelEurope (Continental)Other - Europe · 1 decade ago

Hey, anyone from Malta?

I'm going there next week and just wondered if anyone could tell me a little about the place and its people?

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    Hi, I am from Malta. Yes it is a lovely island, there is a lot to see even though we are small :) Right now is 34C so be prepared.

    People are very friendly and most speak English.

    Some tips:

    Best Beaches: there are others but these are the best

    1) Ghajn Tuffieha - there are two beaches here beside each other, both are cool

    2) Ghadira

    3) Gnejna

    Night Life and Bars: 1, 2 and 3 are within walking distance

    1) Paceville

    2) St. Julians

    3) Sliema

    4) Bugibba - the square area only

    5) M. Scala

    History and Culture:

    1) Valletta

    2) Mdina

    3) Neolitic Temples


    1) Valletta

    2) Sliema

    3) Bugibba

    4) Flea Market is every city

    If you have time, visit Gozo, another island smaller than Malta and is very cute. There are also nice beaches etc etc. You can go by ferry.

    Kemmuna is also another small island and there is an excellent Blue Lagoon Beach - recommended. There are day trips by boats to this island and leave from Sliema.

    You can go around by bus, is very cheap but don't expect a high class service, rent a car - we drive a bit crazy and some roads are very bumpy or taxi or bicycle. Of course avoid white taxis since they are very very expensive. There are other taxi services which are cheaper.

    There are also areas for Upsailing, diving etc etc

    Avoid Marsa / Hal Far areas (they are not touristic places anyway) There is nothing to see

    If you want further details, let me know in what you are interested to do while you are here, and will give you more tips.

    Enjoy your stay

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    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    I can't answer your question, but am very interested in the answers,cos I'm going next week too, on the 21st,

    and haven't been before.

    We're going to Qwara

    However , my brother in law and his wife having been going every year for years, and swear,there is no better place on earth to be,

    for a good holiday

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Yes. Yes.

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