What to do with my car...advice?

To make it short and simple, I'm going away to college and I don't want to bring my car with me, since I'm moving out of state and it's a waste of money to bring it with me. So basically my two options are, sell my car (which I still owe money on), or keep the car and keep paying it off. Another thing to know is that I'm the only driver in the family, so the car would be sitting there until I get home for vacations. So what should I do?

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    rent a car for vacation...a car that sits turns to shlt just the facts...you will b paying insurance for a car sitting there... a 99% sure when you come home and go out to it you will turn the key and ,,,,,nothing or just a click...sell it

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    Question for you i guess. Do you like the car? What will it cost for you to replace it? If you don't particularly like the car sell it you wont like it more later. If you do like it keep it this way when you get out of school you will have student loans that will be due and at least you wont have to buy a car. You will need to put tires on it and possibly a battery. But zero car payments.

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    Sell it if possible, if not, you will not see a return on this investment because as others have said a car that sits is useless and can even be ruined.

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    try getting a loan, pay off the car, return the proceeds to pay off the loan

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  • 1 decade ago

    if its worth more than you owe sell it

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