How do I use remote desktop over the internet not on the same network?

I've been using RDP over my home network, but I can't find any good tutorials on how to use it over the internet. I have a router, and firewalls. I know that I have to open a port or something through the firewall, but I don't know what I have to do to the router. I have a Dlink DIR-655. I also don't know what to type in from the computer I would want to use to access my home computer from somewhere else. Can anybody help me?

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    you have to setup your PC, Router, and Firewall for access.

    First the PC

    right click on my computer select remote and check off the box to allow Remote desktop. Add the desired users.

    The firewall,

    Make any exceptions to the Firewall


    You have to find the port forwarding section for your router, for example on my linksys Router I have to to Applications and Gaming section and create a port forwarding entry by setting the application which is Remote Desktop, Port number, by default is port 3389, TCP protocol and the local IP address of the desired computer, which would be something like So we have told the router to forward any RDC connections to the computer with the IP address

    After that you need your Route-able IP address so from home, search for google whats my IP and you get your ISP provided route-able IP address. And you're done.

    Anywhere you have internet access open remote desktop connection type in the Route-able IP address form your ISP, which is the address of your router, so you're trying to connect to your router, but since you configured your router to forward the connection to the PC behind the router, the router just relays the connection and your PC answers the call.

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  • jm
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    If you have routable IP address. You can setup a VPN connection. or use the msn messenger to connect to remote computer.

    Check the link bellow for creating VPN.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Have you thought of trying team viewer it is a simple program and free .I have used it before , took seconds to download and seems pretty straightforward have a look at it it is free for non commercial use

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