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Los angeles Weather, summer?

Hello, this question is mainly for people who live in los angeles, but if you dont, you may still answer.

Basically, the weather here is usually around the low-mid 90's. I know thats not even that hot but I hate the heat. I just want to know, when will the weather start to improve a little bit to the cooler side like the mid 70s. I know its kind of too eary to answer, but any info is appreciated. thanks

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    The Los Angeles basin in general is in the mid to upper 70s to the low 90s in the daytime throughout the summer. This is generally a bit humid (60 - 70%) in June or July. And, then it gets drier in August and September.

    Inland and over the deserts, it's very hot and dry (mid 110s and <10% humidity). Normally, the prevailing winds are onshore (from the ocean onto land). So, it's a lot cooler on the coast than it is inland. When a high pressure system develops over the desert, this results in an offshore flow that pushes the hot dry air out to the ocean. In Southern California, this phenomenon is called Santa Ana conditions, because the winds appear to originate from the Santa Ana mountains.

    Santa Ana winds can be very strong, reaching velocities of 60 or more MPH in the mountain passes and a constant 30 MPH blowing off shore at the beaches. It's also very dry and dangerous because of the flammability of the dry mountain brush that time of year. This is the cause of the firestorm seasons we have in Southern California every year from August through October.

    In around mid October is when we'll see the first real relief from the summer heat, particularly at night.

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    September - May 60's-80's in the daytime 40's-50's at night

    1-5 days of rain in row a few times in the year

    August 80's-90's

    +10 degrees near the mountains or in the San Fernando Valley

    -10 degrees at the ocean

    Source(s): Orange County CA
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    Toronto is on a lake and receives more thunderstorms than any other major city. The result of all that rainfall is high humidty, when the sun warms it up increasing the temperature. LA is on the ocean and the ocean winds from the pacific cool down the area when they blow inland. As well the desert winds from down south and the hot praire winds blow towards toronto to warm it up. The praires get very hot in the summer and cold in the winter = contiental climate.

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