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Is this an insect bite?

I had this zit looking thing on the back of my leg, I realized it yesterday. I thought it was just a pimple so I didn't care. Now today it's swollen around it, and it's hard. I put some rubbing alchohol on it (yeah dumb), but it didn't do anything. Is this just a zit or a bite?

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    It could just be a zit but it's an odd place for one. More likely a bug bite. You should put some neosporin on it and watch it for a few days. It should start to clear up in a couple of days. If it gets worse see a doctor. My uncle had the same thing you have and thought it was a bug bite and found out it was MERSA which can be deadly.His looked like a bite with a little hole in the middle of it. It was red and slightly swollen. It wouldn't go away so he had it checked and the doctor confirmed that it was MERSA. Be carefull and good luck!

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    Try putting on neosporin to prevent the bacterial infection. If it's still swollen go see a physician. Hope everything works out! :)

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    It sounds like it is a bite, and you should get someone to look at the bite.

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    if it keeps irritating you, go see a doc.

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