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what to do with long hair on men?

I'm a guy and I've had long hair now for 5 years now, I am 19 now. lately i have been braiding it since i got sick of it getting in my way but i like it far too much to cut it. i need some advice to know if there is anything else i can do with it. ive got thick red hair (i am sorry i really have no idea what my hair color is called) unbraided my hair comes down about 15 inches from my neck and 13 when braided.


maybe the question was not clear. i am not cutting it off ive been growing it since i started taking radiation.

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    If you really like your long hair, don't cut it all off just because people say 'ewww' on the internet. Anyone childish enough to say that instead of giving you a real answer isn't someone you want to spend time with if you have long hair.

    I think long hair on men is hot, and most of my male friends have long hair, so maybe I can give you some advice.

    If you want your hair to have a little bit of shape rather than being a huge triangle, you could get some long layers put in. It shouldn't make you look like a girl or anything- if the layers are long enough to tie back it'll just tame the hair a little bit without losing your overall length. If you get them done slightly shorter at the front it'll frame your face without looking really feminine. You shouldn't need to straighten or make any more effort to keep your hair in good condition than you do now.

    Or you could dye it? Maybe a brighter red or a different colour. You would have to use conditioner at least once a week though.

    I'd also like to point out to all those 'cut it off' people that Johnny Depp spends an awful lot of time with long hair, and he isn't gay or a hobo. Just so you all know.

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    no offense but men should not have long hair. the only thing i can say are 2 things a)cut it no matter how much you like it or b)there is always a mullet.

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    damn u must look like a crazy hippie... 15 inches past ur neck is OD long dude... cut it half off atleast, then u can style it easier... mayb perm it, i duno

  • Definitely don't cut it long hair is very attractive!!!!!

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    shave it alllll off...

    ew, thats so unattractive when guys have hella long hir, i can see if it a little long skater hair but ew mann..

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    cut it all off

    thats ****** gross man

  • 1 decade ago

    I DONT CARE IF YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!!!!!!!!!!! CUT IT OFF!!!!!!!! EWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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