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What is college lacrosse like?

I am thinking about playing lacrosse in college... I'm hoping to play division I women's lacrosse. I want to know what the practice and game schedule is like in each division especially division I. Also academics are very important so I would like to know how feasible it is to play a division I sport and still do very well in academic classes

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    I play DI women's lax in NY. It's a lot of hard work but it's definitely worth it!

    We practice every day for 2 hours as a team. every 14 days we get a day off (NCAA rule)

    We lift 3 time a week in preseason (2x in season)

    There are individual practices with coaches like 2-3x a week

    at my school we have mandatory study hall, like freshman have to sign in and do 8 hours a week, which seems like a lot, but it really isn't. you have and athletic academic advisor, I have a weekly meeting with mine, we talk about all of my classes, assignments, tests, etc. and if i'm struggling or not doing my best in a class, my advisor arranges for a tutor for me.

    When we're in season it's more difficult because we're out of class a lot, but we talk to each of our professors before every road trip, we figure out what the best way to make up the class work is, whether it's getting lecture notes, or rescheduling a lab for a different session. professors are usually understanding and will work with you. if you're away or have a game during a test, you can take it before you leave, when you get back. or your coach can proctor the exam for you at the hotel (you get a conference room, and your coach gives you the exam, waits for you to take it and they seal it back in the envelope it came in and return it to your prof when you're back on campus.) or if you have a paper due while you're away, your profs will usually let you email it in on the due date, but they ask for a paper copy when you get back. which is no problem.

    athletes are very well taken care of. and it's DEFINITELY possible to play DI lax and do well in school, your coaches, professors and athletic directors want you to do well in school and they give you all the resources necessary to do so.

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    No doubt that D1 NCAA sports team of any type would be practicing 6-7 days a week sometimes 2 times a day and require your absolute commitment. I'll assume since most D1 Lacrosse schools are good schools, that they'll require a good GPA for eligibility.

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    On the East Coeast its Nutty

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    It's a lot harder then high school I'll tell you that much...lol..

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