What is the largest named real number you know of?

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First i heard of googol which is 10^100 the on top of that i heard of googolplex which is 10^googol or 10^(10^100)then on top of that i heard of googolplexian which is 10^googolplex ...show more
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Infinity, kind of. But for finite numbers, you can construct names for arbitrarily large numbers - you might appreciate the link attached.

P.S. How about a googolplexianth! (that's factorial). Or better yet - there's a mathematical operator "$":

1$ = 1!
2$ = 2!!
3$ = 3!!! ~= 2.6 x 10^1746

How about a googolplexianth$ ?


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  • akshaytumber answered 5 years ago
    there is no largest number since you can always add one to get the next largest number :)
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  • Lexi answered 4 weeks ago
    A googolplexianth! That's a googolplexian plus one. ^-^
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