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Serial ATA Drive or solid state drive?

Whats the diff. between a serial ATA drive and a solid state drive?

120 GB solid state drive or 320/500 GB Serial ATA Drive @ 7200 rpm

is it worth the extra money for the solid state drive?

considering this laptop is for university and "mostly" for study purposes

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    an ata drive is a "real" hard drive with the metal platters spinning and a solid state drive is a flash drive like you get in an ipod. from what i read in a review of a netbook with the flash drive they run very slowly compared to a hard drive system. so if you want your computer to be sturdy and not susceptible to bumps but don't need speed go for solid-state if you want speed and are not going to jostle your computer then buy sata.

    Source(s): looking at review of asis netbook and review panned the flash drive, and said the same model came with hard drive
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    Ah you noticed the difference cash!

    We are now in a transition from mechanical to electronic. Last year we saw the passing of the last tube electronics. The monitor. Now we are going to see the passage of the mechanical drive to the Electronic drive ( think big memory stick :) Besides the money issue there is a great difference. The one great draw back is data retrieval if you loose your data on a solid state you can't take in for data retrieval. But failure rates on a solid state are amazing! This is a transition period as memory gets cheaper so will the solid state drives and then like the tube monitor the PADA and SATA and SCSI drives will be gone!

    Remember the phone booths? Film to photo shops? What is next? TV antenna's, Satellite dishes and computer keyboards.

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    Let's clarify one thing here. SATA is an interface. For most people, it's enough to know that it's the cable between the drive and the computer itself. That SSD you have there is also a SATA drive. Instead of calling the 750 GB hard drive a "SATA drive", just call it a hard drive, because that's what it is. Now that that's out of the way, get the hard drive, specifically the 7200 RPM one. Photoshop will quickly gobble up a 128 GB SSD.

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    Most SSD are small in capacity besides expensive while the SATA can be higher and cheaper. Though SSD has some advantages, the price right now is not what people want to spend. Most people right now that go to SSD use it for there OS only the rest is on a SATA. The SSD was suppose to have quicker responce time, however it doest seem to be the case.

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    SSD are storage devices with no moving parts, making them very durable. If you are willing to pay more for less storage, you benefit from less risk of a hard drive failure from abrupt movement. As long as you are not dealing with large quantities of data (ex. video, RAW photos, etc.), a SSD in the 64GB range may be your best option.

    However, SATA drives are cheap and offer abundant storage.

    It's really a matter of preference.

    *EDIT: in response to the previous comment, I'd like to add that the speed of SSDs varies greatly, and that research is a very good idea.

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    The above reply is correct in his recommendations but both the person asking and he are slightly incorrect in terminology. SATA is just the term for how the hard drive connects, both the solid state drive and electromechanical disk drive will connect using SATA.

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