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How do I win this Virgo man?

I have been friends with a virgo man for 6 months and we have recently kissed. There has been a progression since we met but it has been very slow as he is so cautious and keeping his options open. How do I make him move more quickly and make me his girlfriend? (I am a scorpio)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Scorp and Virgo are a good match!

    I am a Virgo and have dated two virgo men. They are very particular, and take things slow.

    Virgo in Relationships

    Virgo's easygoing nature and Earth sign quality makes for a reliable and steady sort who relishes the opportunity to be helpful to their partner. The Virgin's devotedness also signals that a great deal of energy will go into making the relationship work. Those born under this sign tend to strive for the perfect relationship. The best reward for the oft-repressed Virgo is a lover who is willing to bring them into full flower, releasing a passionate and sensual soul. A relationship with a strong yet sensitive partner is one which is almost guaranteed success. The independent and never clingy Virgin may seem ultra-cool on the outside, but inside smolders a red-hot ravisher waiting to release potent charms on a deserving partner. The ideal Virgo soul mate is well-dressed, empathetic and dying to show their Virgo a good time.

    Virgo in Love

    A natural state for Virgo in love is to analyze the situation while exploring it deeply. This will show off the Virgin as steady, solid and far from a flirt. Virgos are much more the true romantic; they love giving as well as receiving, passion and uninhibited joy. Virgos really know how to make their partner feel special, so some heat between the sheets is likely to occur! It's one lover at a time for the loyal Virgo, who reveres a relationship blessed with total honesty lest jealousy and feelings of inadequacy come to the fore. Love comes to Virgo slowly, carefully and sweetly, and the desire to learn all about their lover makes those born under this sign ideal lovers themselves. A Virgo in love is a sight to behold, a relaxed and confident soul.

    Scorpio + Virgo

    Water + Earth = Mud

    There are many Scorpios and Virgos who’ve been attracted to each other. Lots of them have been able to create a happy, comfortable and fulfilling life by pooling their financial, mental and emotional resources.

    At the other end of the spectrum is a group that doesn’t work so well. They marry and stay together for life but never quite fulfil each other. This is because both are very demanding in their own way.

    Your ruling planet, Pluto, is challenging in a most confrontational way, whereas Virgo prefers to do battle rationally, in a way that is courteous and unassuming.

    In a permanent relationship they’ll feel you’re insensitive, your blunt manner shows a lack of respect, and you don’t take their basic needs into account. And you’ll become irritated with them, if not completely frustrated by their overly logical examination of every minor issue.

    If you lightened up, you’d feel much more confident about a relationship with Virgo. On a practical level, and in the bedroom, this relationship has all the characteristics of a really great partnership.

    This is particularly so from your vantage point, financially: Virgo will offer you practical security as well as love. The two of you can work towards financial stability, and build a mutual support system that gives you more than the basic emotional or romantic fulfilment of most relationships — with some prosperity thrown in for good measure.

    Be wary of Virgos born between 24 August and 2 September: Mercury, which co-rules them, is opposite in nature to you. There will be temper flare-ups from time to time. There may also be a difference in your age or cultural background which will make you question the relationship. Think hard about taking the friendship to a more serious level — before you dive in.

    Virgos born between 3 September and 12 September offer you gains and losses in equal measure, and many of your life lessons will be tied up in your financial relationship with them. Remember the saying ‘Never mix business with pleasure’? If you can sort out this issue, these Virgos will offer you a solid and stable security which fits in with your personal view of life.

    Virgos born between 13 September and 22 September are ideally suited to long-term love and commitment. This is because Jupiter, which has a bearing on your romantic life and is a thoroughly lucky planet for you, also has a bearing on their destiny. You’ll feel physically attracted to them, and will want a bright future with them.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Virgo man like sincerity

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  • 1 decade ago

    Don't kill me, but you can't. And if you really want him to be yours, don't! The one thing a Virgo will do is run in the opposite direction if you try to rush them. We need to take our time and we are especially VERY choosy when it comes to relationships because we take them very seriously and we're not going to waste our time. He's not slow because he doesn't like you, he's slow because we wants to see if you're worth it to keep liking and make you his girlfriend. Virgos are the sign of service, but we're not about to put out our everything for someone who will ruin it in the end! So don't rush him. If he likes you, he'll stick around. If he doesn't like you, you'll notice because he'll talk to you less or just distance himself from you.

    One thing I definitely suggest is just telling him how you feel. We keep our own emotions under control and out of sight but in the end, we like everything up front, honest, and straightforward. If you just come right out and tell him, he'll admire your honesty, courage, and it will persuade him to make a move. We're not rude so we won't just disappear after you've poured your heart out to us. Let him know exactly what you want.

    I'm a Virgo female and I've been with a Scorpio male for a year and seven months now and it took him a year to finally go out with me. I wasn't playing hard to get, I just didn't want to get hurt, so I kept rejecting him. But you're a Scorpio, so like him, you should have no problem pursuing and capturing this Virgo male!

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  • angel
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    i dated virgo.

    we end dating bcz of a fries(in&out)...that nite we were feeing each other..i was so full i told him to stop feeding..but he was bugging i had a chance to flirt (the libra way..lolz) i put one piece of fries in my mouth and i ask him to eat the other end...lolz,,,oh well we end up kissing all nite...that same nite i ask him if he wants to be my he say "yes"...he told me if i never ask..maybe he doesn't have to gut to ask me that virgo are shy person.....and i make that nite memorable....up to now he still remember that fries feeding that we did before and its been 2yrs now......we recently broke up...i was in fault..i didn't kept a promise to avoid my ex.

    so my advice show this guy that everything u tell him is true cz if he caught u me the relationship is over.

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