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Why does the caracter Reese keep picking on K.C in the show Degrassi?

I rememeber that when Clare changed her style Reese talked to her at the dot in a flirty way. Is he jelouse of K.C that Clare likes him or what? I really want to know!

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    Its most likely because Reese likes Claire now that she dresses in Darcy's clothes and not the school uniform everyday. But now that Claire and K.C are practically going out, Reese is jealous of K.C for stealing Claire's heart. K.C lives in a group home because of his past, and Reese finds out from Conner. He then starts teasing him in front of the whole grade including Claire.

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    I think it's because Reese likes Clare and K.C. has her so he wanted K.C.'s past to be revealed so Clare would dump him.

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    i hate the new degrassi i liked the old degrassi before everyone graduated :(

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