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What are some energy efficient tips on making your house cooler?

My apartment is hot as HECK! But I also do not have the funds to have a million fans running. Any tips on how I can make my house cooler WITHOUT running up the electric bill?


I'm sorry, and I mean this in the most respectful way ever, but if you have some smart-@$$ answer, don't even bother.

Update 2:

1. The windows are ot even windows. When you open them there is another glass window behind it...makes no sense. But we were thinking of replacing the glass with screens, so that should help a lot.

2. There is not a ceiling fan.

3. It is not an apartment, more like a half of a house, about a bit bigger than a studio apartment.

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    Look to see if you have windows that will create a cross flow through the apartment. Basically if you have a window on one wall and a window on a wall at a right angle to the first, there will always be a pressure difference between those two windows when a wind is blowing simply because one or the other window will have more of a venturi effect from the wind regardless of the wind direction. Unfortunately, many apartment floorplans have all the windows on one wall but in these plans, the front door tends to be at a right angle to those windows hence leaving the front door open and the window furthest from that door open will cause a flow of air through the apartment.

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    Will your landlord let you hang bamboo curtains on the outside of your windows or shade screens? I live in Arizona and shade screens are big out here. You have to cover the entire window to take advantage of them. Sun reflecting lining on your curtains will help, keeping them closed during the day will too. Keep all your windows and curtains open at night when you are sleeping to capture the cool air, then close them before the sun comes up. Ceiling fans do not have to go at full speed to help cool. Even the lowest setting will work and do not cost as much to run. Buy the spray canned foam and seal up all the cracks around the windows, doors and floor boards. Just pull back the carpeting and spray the foam all around the outside of your apartment (and the uncarpeted rooms also). Do you have a paper shredder? Shred all your newspapers, junk mail, clean out your files, etc. This shredded paper will make great insulation over your head. If there is a crawl space entrance in your bathroom or hallway you can spread the paper around up there very thickly. Here is hoping you keep cool.

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    1) light coloured blinds, drapes or curtains

    2) If this is possible: for long term coolness plant a tree. The leaves will keep the hpuse shady in summer and when the leaves fall off the sun can get through in winter.

    3) Open the windows at night time or some cold time. Close them during the day or hot parts to stop the hot air getting in.

    4) Internal heat also causes rooms to heat off. This means turn off appliances when not in use.

    5) Avoid cooking in the hottest part of the day

    6) Humidity makes things hotter, don't do activities such as laundry during the hot parts in a day.


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    Any shades that block out most of the sun will help a little. If you run a fan, having blow OUT the window will help get rid of hot air in the room. Run the fan at night and cool down the house with the cooler evening air.

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    Shade, anyway you can get it. If you can't put up screens or trees, then use the heaviest drapes you can find and keep them closed during the day. Open as many doors and windows as you can during the coolest part of the day. Run heat producing appliances when it is cool outside as well. Avoid the oven, use a crock pot, microwave or out door grill.

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    nicely you do no longer say lots approximately your house (floor, dealing with and so on) yet here is one tip: shop the homestead windows opened all night long. interior the morning initiate remaining them as quickly by way of fact the solar reaches them. I even conceal a number of them (dealing with west) with better- curtains (genuinely white cloths now and returned soaked in chilly water). i will try this by way of fact I stay interior the rustic component and the air is clean adequate to have adequate money conserving the homestead windows open. there are a number of property you're able to do like insulate your partitions & ceiling or purchase an power useful air con unit.

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    An Eco-flector is a good choice because it reflects heat out in the summer and reflects it in during the winter, and also insulates.

    Look under "Green Construction" and click on Eco-Flector.

  • S D
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    move to a cooler climate or ask for an apartment in the basement

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    Plug an air conditioner into your neighbor's outlet.

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    use a ice/frezzer/cooler use it at night unplug during peak hours

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