i wanna do something sneaky...advice?

I wanna do something sneaky...advice?

so i have a huge crush on this guy named david. hes 16 and im almost 15. david and i never met but we see each other around because he goes to my school. well its summer vacation and i wanna make a move, so on the first day of school i'm gonna talk to him and try to exchange numbers with him. then a few days later i'm gonna invite him over. problem is, my parents. i want a night with the house to myself. not the whole night....just til like maybe 11 or 12. and i would invite one of my girls over too. my parents dont go out a lot so what should i do?

please dont say how could you think so far in advance? just please give me some advice! thank you:)

so my idea is to get my parents movie tickets to a late movie on their anniversary which is on september 11 which is a FRIDAY night this year! do you think they will fall for it? i havent been very nice to my parents btw so how do i pull it off?



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    it sounds like uve never even talked to him.. y do u think hed come over to ur house... all alone with just u and ur friend... 2 girls he dosnt even no... thats not gonna work.. i think u should just talk to him at school, become friends over a couple of weeks then maybe just ask him to the movies or some where he feels comfortable... he wont feel comfortable at ur house until he nos u well enough and likes u enough. im sry, i no u probably just wanna be with him now, but u have to be patient with these things, never rush into anything, especially ppl u dnt even no.

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    get them movie tickets and a gift certificate to a restaurant and tell them you know u haven't been nice and u want to make it up to them by giving them something nice for a change also the day before you could clean the house and tell them you really are sorry for the way you've been acting

    the dinner should keep them out longer too

    also tell ur parents the girl is coming over and if they come home early just say she brought him with her u had no idea he would be there

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    Why don't you try to hang out in public first to get to know him a lot better. If he is interested in you go on a cheap date, like to the park. You may send off the message that you want him in your pants if you first off if you just let him come over. Especially without your parents.

    Hint: If you get caught it will be worse than if you tell your parents you want a guy friend to come over to watch movies with

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    Try not to set up your parents. They won't be happy if they find out.

    Why not just do it at your friend's place? You can still let your parents go see the movie but you can do your thing at friend's place. That way (1) your parents have a lower chance of finding out about you and him and (2) even if they find out, they can't blame you for setting them up (because you never set them up).

    I guess the hard part then becomes, when will your friend's parents go out.... Can't help you on that one.

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    yu definetly answered your own question lol! and maybe yu could make reservations for them at a nice resturant or something think you had a pretty good idea . but maybe you should ask him to invite one of his guy friends to just so it wont be so awkward. i think talking to him on the first day of school is a good idea too so it doesnt seem so random and what not. anyways good luck !!!

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    haha ! i jus recentlyy did somethinqq likee this !

    I think that you should start being nice to them little by little now , so it wont be so weird .

    Or a few days or wks before you give them the tickets , just tell them , ( sincerly ] how you thought about it , and you know you havent been as nice as you could be 2 them &&. ya know stuff likee that so it wont be 2 obvious .

    --best of luckk !!

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    I don't wanna dance, dance with you baby oh no, never do somethin to hurt you tho, oh but the feeling is bad the feeling is bad

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    I would tell your parents to do one, i'm in need of a sh@g.

    And always remember, use protection. And 3somes are good fun too :)


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    Here's something

    get back into your parent's good book, sweeten yourself up to them and ask them for permission.

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    Why dnt you go out with your girlfriend and have him meet you? then you dont have to hide. and i think it would be better to just go yourself not with your girlfriend.

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