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Give some names... Best Answer for Best Names!!!?

Suppose, in some alternate dimension, you had twenty kids. yes. Twenty kids! Ten girls and ten boys. Here are their genders and ages...

- Boy 1, 21 yrs

-Girl 1, 19 yrs (twin to Boy 2)

-Boy 2, 19 yrs(twin to Girl 1)

-Girl 2, 18 yrs

-Girl 3, 16 yrs

-Girl 4, 15 yrs

-Boy 3, 14 yrs

-Boy 4, 12 yrs

-Girl 5, 11 yrs

-Boy 5, 10 yrs(twin to Boy 6)

-Boy 6, 10 yrs (twin to Boy 5)

-Boy 7, 9 yrs

-Boy 8, 8 yrs

-Girl 6, 7 yrs

-Boy 9, 6 yrs

-Boy 10, 5 yrs (twin to girl 6)

-Girl 7, 5 yrs (twin to boy 10)

-Girl 8, 3 yrs

-Girl 9, 2 yrs

-Girl 10, 6 months

Okay. So you have twenty kids. In a similar fashion to the Duggar family, you have given all your kids names starting with the same letter. Which letter is it? Tell me the names you have chosen for each child. don't forget the middle names! and the last name. Oh, and don't worry- the middle name doesn't have to start with the same letter that you have chosen for all the first names.

Do you have any pets? A dog, a fish, a hamster...? If so, whats its (or their) name/names?

Last but not least (and this is optional) give me a description of each child. It can be short, it can be long... It doesn't have to be there at all. But I'd prefer if you would. Is the 21 year old married? Engaged? And do any of the sets of twins fight at all? Is there any thrashing between sisters? Is the 19 yr old girl an aspiring singer? All your choice. Tell me, please!

Oh, and don't forget to mention your name and your husbands name... (remember, this is in a parallel universe- since seriously, it is very unlikely that you will have 20 kids)

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    My name is Sarah Knight

    Husband's: Nicholas "Nicky" Knight

    I'll take the letter A.

    Boy, 21: Andrew Nicholas Knight --- Goes to Hamilton University, has a longtime girlfriend named Sydney. They are truly in love, but have decided to postpone marriage until all schooling is over. Andrew plays tennis at Hamilton, and is also very involved in the rock band as a guitar player.

    Girl, 19: Alison Sarah Knight--- Goes to George Washington University in Washington, and is aiming to be a lawyer. Constantly visits her brother Aaron, who lives nearby- even though they fight every once in a while. They don't fight much anymore because they are both very mature. Alison is a writer on her university's newspaper, The Hatchet, and hopes to go into writing one day once she is settled and has a family. She is in a serious relationship with a student in GW named Cole Nichols.

    Boy, 19: Aaron Marcus Knight- In hopes of becoming a doctor, Aaron is going to the University Of Maryland, College Park- which is just a drive away from GW. He meets up with his twin sister a lot, in hopes of staying close to her through out their lives. Aaron has gone through a few unserious relationships in college, but finally has a stable relationship with a girl named Catalina.

    Girl, 18: Amanda Rae Knight- Is in her first year of college in a private university in North Carolina . She loves her family dearly, and is best friends with Alison. She is dealing with being away from her family, positively. She visits whenever possible, and usually spends three-day weekends in Maryland, where Andrew, Sydney, Aaron, Alison and Amanda usually meet up.

    Girl, 16: Ashley Laine Knight- A junior in high school, she lives with her whole family in a nice neighborhood in North Carolina. Ashley is a born singer, and has taken part in many musicals that have been shown in her high school, as well as in our city in North Carolina. Her ultimate dream is to either be on American Idol, or to be on Broadway. Ashley and her younger fifteen-year old sister have many fights, including over a boy in Ashley's grade named Ethan. Ethan eventually chose the younger daughter (Addyson), but Addyson eventually dumped him because of loyalty and love to her sister. Ashley is moreover a girly-girl, but her kindness still is strong and sweet.

    Girl, 15: Addyson Niagara Knight---- Addyson's middle name is Niagara because she was conceived and born in the short time we lived in Niagara, New York. She has many fights with Addyson, but ultimately loves her older sister. Addyson is a so called girly-girl, but is still nice and sweet.

    Boy, 14: Anderson Mikkel Knight---- Anderson isn't a fan of his long name, so he makes everyone call him Andy. Andy is a nice kid, who is very much into skateboarding and roller blading. He recently hasn't got very great grades in school, but we have prepared him for the worst... And they've gone up a lot.

    Boy, 12: Alexander Jacob Knight---- We call Alexander, AJ, instead of Alex. Alex is in seventh grade, and has many friends. He has a love for our dogs (well, everyone does!) and looks up to Andy a lot.

    Girl, 11: Audrey May Knight----- Audrey just started middle school, and is very much enjoying it. She's a complete tomboy, but still has many friends who are by her side through everything. Although, we have seen a more girly side of her every now and then... Like when she dressed up for her first school dance.

    Boy, 10: Avery Thomas Knight--- Avery is a swimmer in our city swim team. He's really good at what he does, and also has taken up tennis as a hobby. Avery and his twin get along pretty well.

    Boy, 10: Alcott Logan Knight---- Alcott is a baseball player. He's on our city team, and is very much into it. He and Nicholas are always watching it on TV.

    Boy, 9: Ashton Sawyer Knight---- Ashton is the biggest comedian our family has every seen. He generally does stand-up at all our family reunions, and even writes his own material! Not only is he a comedian, but he plays baseball with Alcott a lot too.

    Boy, 8: Austin Cole Knight---- Austin has his little nose up in the air sometimes, but our whole family is doing our best to lead him in the right direction. But he is a very sweet kid. Austin loves arts and crafts, and is very good at it as well.

    Girl, 7: Alicia Jane Knight--- Alicia follows Austin around a lot, and they are always seen playing together on a day at home. Alicia is a ballet dancer, and we all know that she has the potential to go pro when she gets older.

    Boy, 6: Alder James Knight---- Alder is a first grader who loves finger painting. He was named after Nicky's father, who passed away just a month before Alder was born. He shares a room with Alicia, and enjoys bugging and annoying her as much as possible.

    Boy, 5: Allen Zachary Knight--- Allen, usually called "Allie" is a kindergartener who loves hunting for treasure. He looks up to Alder a lot, and enjoys playing with his twin sister.

    Girl, 5:

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  • Our names are Kaylee Lynn & Ethan Charles. Our children are:

    1. Aiden Nicholas

    2. Ainsley Catherine

    3. Austin Zachary

    4. Addison Caroline

    5. Aubrey Lynn

    6. Ava Charlotte

    7. Adam Gregory

    8. Alexander Riley

    9. Alexis Grace

    10. Allan Benjamin

    11. Aaron Matthew

    12. Abram Joshua

    13. Alden Samuel

    14. Adeline Rose

    15. Andrew Wesley

    16. Archer Landon

    17. Arden Elizabeth

    18. Alice Lillian

    19. Anna Sophia

    20. Abigail Vivianne

    - We have 2 golden retrievers named Ruby & Sadie.

    Source(s): This was hard! But fun : )
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    Ok, last name Smith and I will do J's (and try to do ones that the duggers don't have) Husband Johnathon and I am Jolie.

    Boy 1- Johnathon Mitchell

    Girl 1- Johanna Grace

    Boys 2- James Dustin

    Girl 2- Jaimie Elise

    Girl 3- Jessica Lynne

    Girl 4- Josie Elaine

    Boy 3- Jack Elijah

    Boy 4- Jacob Daniel

    Girl 5- Janelle Reed

    Boy 5- Joshua Ian

    Boy 6- Julian Charles

    Boy 7- Justin Robert

    Boy 8- Jayden Micheal

    Girl 6- Jenny Rose

    Boy 9- Jagger Wyatt

    Boy 10- Jayson Seth

    Girl 7- Jillian Faith

    Girl 8- Josephine Ruth

    Girl 9- Joy Elizabeth

    Girl 10- Jenevieve Anne

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    I'm Tiffany Nicole Smith and he is Henry Smith.

    Boy 1: Conner Miles.

    Girl 1: Caren Violet.

    Boy 2: Cenneth Jonah.

    Girl 2: Cheyenne Angel.

    Girl 3: Catherine Liliana.

    Girl 4: Cira Adriana.

    Boy 3: Cody Micah.

    Boy 4: Collin Levi.

    Girl 5: Cennedy Rylee.

    Boy 5: Caleb Joel.

    Boy 6: Christian Edward.

    Boy 7: Cayden Nicholas.

    Boy 8: Camden Ryder.

    Girl 6: Cade Stella.

    Boy 9: Cael Maddox.

    Boy 10: Cagney Braxton.

    Girl 7: Cadee Margaret.

    Girl 8: Cailyn Alicia.

    Girl 9: Callie Jayden.

    Girl 10: Cambree Jillian.

    Source(s): So we have Conner, Carrie, Cen, Cheyenne, Cat, Cira, Cody, Collin, Cennedy, Caleb, Chris, Cayden, Camden, Cade, Cael, Cagney, Cadee, Cailyn, Callie, and Cambree.
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    Grace Amelia Elaina Kate Anna Rose Bethany Alice Isla Rose Lilah Bethany Lily Charlotte Alice Genevieve Charlotte Rose Scarlett Olivia Olivia Catherine Kate Isabella Phoebe Gracelyn Melanie Alice Romy Carolyn Nathalie Faye Clara Juliet Naomi Violet Eloisa Faye Eloise Charlotte Heidi Gracelyn Rosalie Willow Sophie Lavender Violet Eloise Taylor Madison Quinn Isabella Samantha Paige Maya Juliet Vivienne Clara Lily Charlotte Kimberly Maya Mathilda Rose Madelyn Emme Liana Beth Jessica Summer Hallie Sophia Harper Savannah Hollie Abigail Hailey Jessica Elsa Faye Eva Charlotte Elle Jacquelyn Dakota Sadie Emelyn Grace Evelyn Maya Elodie Harper Felicity Alba Claudia Violet Aidan Conor Austen Zachary Benjamin Dean Bennet Emerson Caleb Reese Callum Peter Carson Miles Cohen Drew Cooper Reilly Craig Dillon Dale Isaac Dallan James Dillon Gregory Eddison James Eli Zachary Elliot Micah Emerson Hunter Ethan Conor Evan Lucas Finley James Greyson Cole Harvey Jacob Hunter Craig Isaac Matthew Jacob Elliot Jonah Christopher Levi Zachary Liam Drew Malcolm Ross Mason Cole Micah Benjamin Noah James Oliver Bennett Spencer Cole Rohan Hunter Samuel Elliot Zachary Evan Hope you find the perfect name for your angel.:)

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    Christiana, Caitlyn, Carly, Caylee, Celina, Catherine, Camryn, Ciarra, Carter, Claire, Colleen, Casey


    Connor, Caleb, Christopher, Camden, Carson, Chad, Chase, Cody, Collin, Craig

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    I'll make the last name Anderson. I guess I'll use C.

    I'm Claire Elaine and he's Cole Thomas.

    Caleb Michael, engaged to Lacey Erin. Going to med school.

    Caroline Samantha: bubbly cheerleader, majoring in elementary education.

    Cameron William: good baseball player, majoring in business.

    Corinne Bailey: quiet and shy, loves to write.

    Camilla Rose: outgoing and social, great singer/pianists

    Catherine Jane: loves animals, wants to become a vet.

    Connor James: best friends with Cade. loves movies and wants to direct.

    Cade Daniel: best friends with Connor. Very good at science and math.

    Casey Hope: another singer in the family, and really admires Camilla.

    Carter Ryan: loves football and playing with the older boys.

    Christopher Zachary: quiet and loves to draw.

    Chase Owen: follows Daddy around everywhere.

    Carson Dean: the family clown that makes everyone laugh.

    Charlotte Elizabeth: smart and witty. Wants to be like the older girls

    Chandler Gregory: loves playing T-ball and catch with Daddy.

    Clark Tyler: looks up to Chandler and loves to make people laugh.

    Callie Olivia: a true dancer.

    Cassie Grace: a born actress, with a flair for the drama.

    Chloe Nicole: Mommy's little helper

    Christine Elise: a quiet and peaceful baby

    Two dogs, one miniature dachshund [Roxie] and one cat [Arthur]

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    Boy 1- Jusiah Jordon Jonston

    - Jusiah is a ladies man , he can never keep a girl, the right girl will com around sometime.

    Girl 1- Julianna Marianne Jonston

    - Jullianna is VERY quite, helpfull and sweet her and her twin Jaeden are inseprable

    Boy 2- Jaeden Isaiah Jonston

    - Jaeden is my little book worm , hes a smart young man and surprisingly his twin sister is his best friend

    Girl 2- Jasmyn Faith Jonston

    - if i had one word to describe jasmyn it woud be DRAMA she is very dramatic ( she can cry and the snap of a finger) -very manipulative

    Girl 3- Jessica Kyelin Jonston

    - Hard working , she is my helper i don't know what i woud do without her she cooks, cleans and is very good with her litttle bro's and sis's

    Girl 4- Janae Shai-ann Jonston

    -Daddy's Girl Janae and my husband Andrew are best friends she tells him EVERYTHING

    Boy 3- Jeremiah Matthew Jonston

    - Jeremiah... my trouble maker he's always doing things he shouldn't be.. but he's very sweet

    Boy 4- James Brian Jonston

    - James is my funny man he is soo Comical him and my husband don't see eye-to-eye on a lot of things but they love each other

    Girl 5- Julliet Brooke Jonston

    - Lil' miss fashion Julliet is the definition of DIVA ... i love her she really brightens up my day

    Boy 5- Joel Nicholas Jonston

    - joel and jonathan are partners in crime and they don't give up and they always get the last laugh

    Boy 6- Jonathan Aedan Jonston

    - Jonathan is the leader he's the mastermind behind 90% of the schemes

    Boy 7- Joesph Simon Jonston

    - Loves music, and is very loud

    Boy 8- Jamie Marion Jonston

    - Mommy's Boy: he sticks to me like glue loves to whatch what i do

    Girl 6- Jacquelyn Amilia Jonston

    - my little rocker girl she is into the rock scene and comes across as anti-social but shes kind at heart

    Boy 9- Jack Kyle Jonston

    Boy 10- Justin Timothy Jonston

    Girl 7- Jailynn Ayeanna Jonston

    - Jack, Justin and Jailynn stick together like glue they are ALWAYS together maybe thats why Jailynn is such a tomboy

    Girl 8- Joella Madelyn Jonston

    - My best friend, she is my little spy if someone does somthing wrong she runs straight to mommy

    Girl 9- Jael Symone Jonston

    -singer, jael is always singing .. she's so darling

    Girl 10- Julie Robin Jonston

    -quiet, good baby

    Additional info

    - NO PETS.. im allergic... plus with twenty kids who needs a pet

    My name Rebecca Jonston

    - I was a Criminal Defense Lawyer but after My sixth child I decided to become a stay -at -home mom

    My Husbands Name: Andrew Jonston

    - Is a very successful business man who takes care of his family very well.

    Source(s): no source i love this question it was soo fun
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    They all will start with a C.

    Chandler Joesph. engaged going to NYU.

    Christina Rose. Thinks her twin brother is abnoxious.

    Charlie Derick. Loves to annoy his twin sister.

    Crystal Lyn. Really wants to go to Princeton waiting for acceptance letter.

    Caydence Patricia. Instead of having a sweet sixteen wants to travel Europe.

    Cayleigh Isabell. Envious of Crystal.

    Chase Matthew. Athletic. Loves wrestling. The all rounded perfect child.

    Christopher Patrick. Hates his brother Chase. Loves to dance.

    Cali Rose. The fashion queen.

    Cody Lucas. Hates his twin brother.

    Chad Martin. Hates his twin brother.

    Caine Adam. Loves to play with Caleb.

    Caleb Troy. Loves to play with Caine.

    Caidee Sophia. Loves gymnastics.

    Calvin Klien. Loves to wear name brands.

    Cory Trenton. Loves science.

    Camile Deliah. loves to sing.

    Cal Leigh. Just learned the alphabet.

    Candice Hope. Never sleeps always cries.

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    those r my best names:)

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    We'll make the last name Smith and I'm using the letter C.

    I'm Corinne and he's Chad.

    - Boy 1, 21 yrs -- Cameron James ; newlywed to Emma Danielle.

    -Girl 1, 19 yrs (twin to Boy 2) -- Catherine Rose ; used to fight with Carter all the time

    -Boy 2, 19 yrs(twin to Girl 1) -- Carter Joseph ; going to college to become a dentist

    -Girl 2, 18 yrs -- Christina Leigh ; just graduated and going to Boston College in the Fall

    -Girl 3, 16 yrs -- Caitlin Marie ; always fighting with one of her sisters

    -Girl 4, 15 yrs -- Chloe Anne ; wants to become an actress

    -Boy 3, 14 yrs -- Caleb Matthew ; straight A student

    -Boy 4, 12 yrs -- Charles Anthony ; loves animals

    -Girl 5, 11 yrs -- Caroline Elizabeth ; a major chatterbox

    -Boy 5, 10 yrs(twin to Boy 6) -- Christopher David ; football fanatic

    -Boy 6, 10 yrs (twin to Boy 5) -- Chase Alexander ; soccer fanatic

    -Boy 7, 9 yrs -- Cody Benjamin ; very quiet and shy

    -Boy 8, 8 yrs -- Colby Andrew ; wants to be a fireman

    -Girl 6, 7 yrs -- Chelsea Victoria ; loves to sing

    -Boy 9, 6 yrs -- Collin Samuel ; loves following daddy around

    -Boy 10, 5 yrs (twin to girl 6) -- Conner Jacob ; attached to Callie

    -Girl 7, 5 yrs (twin to boy 10) -- Callie Grace ; attached to Conner

    -Girl 8, 3 yrs -- Courtney Olivia ; mommy's little helper

    -Girl 9, 2 yrs -- Cara Sophia ; likes to be like the older girls

    -Girl 10, 6 months -- Casey Isabella ; has the cutest dimples and blue eyes

    Pets -- Two labs (one yellow and one black) named Buddy and Leo.

    So all of my kids are: Cameron, Kat, Carter, Chrissy, Caitlin, Chloe, Caleb, Charlie, Caroline, Chris, Chase, Cody, Colby, Chelsea, Collin, Conner, Callie, Courtney, Cara, and Casey.

    That was hard, but fun!

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