Magic 2010 Black/BLue Vs Black/ Green?

I need a pro to help me on this based on the newer cards that are coming out and some that allready exsist what build is better

Zombie/Elvish control deck


Fish/zombie Control deck?


Im not makeing a control deck with green but Im Makeing it so i have strong creatures early on

Update 2:

Acully The black part will be controling / lots of zombie creatures that overwelm the oponent and never die .and dick things like spell cards that kill cretures instantly and kill the oponant slowly the green cards will be aura based

Like Elvish arch druid

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    All right, then. Now that your updates explain a bit more, let's try this again, shall we? : )

    Cudgel Troll and Drudge Skeletons are very basic regenerating creatures, and are actually fairly cheap mana-wise (2GG for the Troll and 1B for the Skeletons). Cudgel Troll also packs a good punch as a 4/3 creature. You may also want to get a Regenerate or two, allowing you to regenerate any creature you control for two mana.

    If your creatures do end up getting destroyed, you can still return them from the graveyard. Gravedigger is a 2/2 creature that lets you get a creature from the graveyard to your hand, and Nature's Spiral would also allow you to return any permanent from your graveyard back to your hand.

    If the creatures from your deck are just not enough, there's always Rise from the Grave, which allows you to take a creature from any graveyard and put it into the battlefield under your control. It also makes it a Zombie, just for that little flavorful touch.

    For a finishing blow, Liliana Vess would be a great Planeswalker to invest in, as her final ability allows her to return all creatures in all graveyards to the battlefield under your control. Overrun would be a great card to use in tandem with her ability. Although a very green heavy card (3 green mana required), it gives all creatures you control +3/+3 and Trample, allowing you to get as much damage as possible to your opponent.

    You may also want to invest in spiders to have some protection against flying creatures, as most spider creatures have Reach. Deadly Recluse also has deathtouch, so I would definitely consider getting a few of those.

    Hope that helps.

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    1 decade ago

    Well, elves seem to be hitting it alot more than blue/black in the new set.

    Your zombie deck ideas are centered on what, though? I couldn't really understand an elf/zombie deck, but blue/black zombie has been done before and sucessfully too. ^^

    Blue black ideas can be things like Lord of Unx and mill, but you didn't specify whether or not you were thinking about mill.

    Really, it just depends on what your ideas are. If you've thought of something great for green/black elves/zombie, then great, look out for that elf rare that gives you mana. If you're tihnking about mill with zombies, then go with that.

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