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who exactly propounded universal law of gravitation(kepler or newton)?

Normally, it is mentioned in books that Newton propounded the Universal laws of gravitation, but was he the first one to say that? Or was it Kepler?

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    Kepler has no publisher :D So the merit will go to Newton as he have it copyrighted. If Kepler was studying the whole tree apple tree, Newton was specifically studying the major branch of that apple tree.

    Both of them Newton and Kepler studied these stuff from other sources too.

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    Actually its a law as long as its within a Newtonian universe, just as Euclid's geometry holds in Euclidean spaces but not quite perfectly in reality. So they can call it whatever they wish! Even relativity and quantum theory are thus far 'approximators' of reality, we need a backed-up grand unified theory if we were to proclaim a law that applies to our objective reality! With regards to evolution though, there's the theory and there's the evidence to back it up- these people should really stop trying to 'disprove' it and just try to find an interpretation of Genesis that'd allow it or something!

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    Newton gave us the formula F = G m1m2/r^2

    Kepler was the first to put forward that planets followed elliptical orbits

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    preatty sure its newton. Kepler described orbital motion.

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    of course newton.

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    newton only

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    Kepler just stated it........ on observing

    Newton proved it.....

    Source(s): .......... :)
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    I think he was

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