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Do you believe that the Dajjal (Anti-Christ) is alive and among us today? Who could it be?

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    No. The Dajjal hasn't appeared on Earth yet. He has many followers on Earth, but that doesn't mean that he's among us today. Remember Prophet Muhammad mentioned that the Dajjal is one-eyed.

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    Well this is not the Al Massih ad Dajjal but he is just a Dajjal since he misguided many people.

    Watch this lecture by Sheikh Imran Hossein. It covers many things about Al Massih ad Dajjal, Ya'juj wa Ma'juj and many other things.

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  • Ad-Dajjaal is real and the Prophet, sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam, warned the Ummah against his coming and used to seek refuge in Allaah from his trial in the obligatory prayers.

    Furthermore, every Prophet warned his people against ad-Dajjaal. So answerers such as "Life Guru" and other than that person have spoken in ignorance by denying ad-Dajjaal appearance.

    For information on ad-Dajjaal, the Anti-Christ, from the authentic Sunnah see:

    CREED \ Signs of the Last Hour \ The Dajjaal


    "Concerning the Dajjaal"

    Summary: A Friday khutbah explaining the danger of ad-Dajjaal, looking at the story of at-Tameem ad-Daaree and picking out some of the most salient features of ad-Dajjaal and his fitnah at the end of time.

    Note: Ad-Dajjaal was described in detail by Prophet Muhammad, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. Dajjaal is not a TV set, a dollar bill, an ideology…. No. The scholars of Islaam do not say this, nor was this the belief of the Companions. Those who say such ideas are in opposition to the clear narrations that describe the appearance, statements, actions, and death of ad-Dajjaal.

    Also it is not correct to ask "who could Dajjaal be?"... Dajjaal is a person created by Allaah and he is alive today, but has been chained as mentioned in the authentic hadeeth from at-Tameem ad-Daaree. Dajjaal will not be allowed upon the earth until it is decreed from him to unleash his trial upon mankind near the end of time before the return of Jesus, son of Mary, peace be upon him.

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    Dajjal is in all Ahsan Hadees which make Namaz valid . today who don't agree on the validity of Namaz can also ignore Namaz Because they are taken by he Ahsan AHdeess . Most People Believe that Anti Christ will come after the Time when Imam Mehdi AS will fight few battles .

    So Mehdi AS Haven't revealed him self .

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    everybody on earth, depeding on religion, has a different opinion or view of this particular topic.

    i am a babtist but i know a lot about judaism, muslim, islam, ect.

    i do agree with some of this but some believe the anti christ was Nero in roman times because his name added up in roman characterizing digits to 666.

    the antichrist will probably not even enter the city of the black stone from heaven and stay out of the whole city of mecca.

    this is my opinion,

    also i think that he will only come at one time and then the lord will see us in danger and bring his followers to safety for enternity.

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    i learned that he is trapped in large iron chain and he is trying 2 break it. he is not among us right now but he will *** before last day. he wil show his magics and try to make us against islam. may Allah almighty help us all from Dajjal.

    Source(s): my Quran master told me all this.
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    Dajjal is real, but who knows where he is right now, according to the islamic teachings he will be Jewish.

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    yes he is alive

    and it believe that he was born 3000 years ago

    a Christian Arab came to the Prophet(pbuh) and told him that he met a guy in an island and called him self the masseh al-dajjal, and that Christian converted

    the prophet(pbuh) said: you said the truth

    we don't know where is he maybe he is still locked in that island maybe he is with Iblees we don't know.

  • Well, I just know that he is alive before Muhammad s.a.w, and he will live for thousands of years, and I am quite sure he is still leaving until now. U see, he is a human, but he's not like us. He will not enter paradise nor hell fire, he will just disappear. But one day he will come back

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    We do not know, but he will terrorize cities, and rise from Yemen, (some Myths say he rises from the Bermuda Triangle),

    but he shall not enter Mecca, nor Medina.

    We are safe there then.

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