Wedding coordinating Colors? Please Help.?

My cousin is getting married next year and she is thinking about having apple green, blue, and champagne as her wedding colors. I personally like apple green and blue together. Blue and Champagne together. I'm not to sure that these 3 colors will work together. She wants my opinion on if all 3 colors will look good at her wedding and I don't have the slightest clue. Can some body please help. Also pictures of dresses in these colors will help. If any one has a picture of mix dress that will help also. Thank you in advance.


The shade of blue she's thinking of going with is Robin's Egg Blue. Would Robin's Egg Blue, green apple, and champagne work together?

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    This is the blue:

    This is the green:

    This is champagne:

    The colors could go very well together if the green isn't too limey or bold. Depending on her approach, it changes the entire feel of the scheme. Typically, the bride picks 2 colors to be the main focus and a third accent color.

    Should she choose blue/champagne, green highlighted, it will have a more romantic feel to it.

    Should she choose green/blue, champagne highlighted, it will feel more Spring-like and lively.

    Should she choose green/champagne, blue highlighted, it may just feel off! I wouldn't recommend this color combo.

    I think the 3 total will be beautiful, but she needs to remember what exactly she is "going for" like romance, spring, natural, chic, etc. She will not get HOT or SEXY or FUNKY.

    Blue Dresses:

    Green Dresses:

    Champagne Dresses: (OR as close to as I can find)

    Hope this helps! If she isn't sure, have her ask for a swatch from the place she is looking for and take it to match to other items.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I wonder what shade or hue of blue she wants to use with the apple green. Regardless, I am having trouble agreeing that champagne- which is a sheer and subtle golden beige- would compliment a vibrant and lively color such as apple green. I would think a pale and muted -OR- dark hue of green would work better with shimmery champagne. Of course, taste is subjective, but I sense a clash with champagne with blue and/or green.

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    will definitely be a clash with champagne, at a wedding recently where the bride wore a champagne tone and the bridesmaids a chocolate brown, lovely combination, the wedding car was an Austin Princess Limousine also in champagne....this colour theme is really 'in' at present and looks great.. would she consider this?


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  • 1 decade ago

    usually people pick 3 colors, dark lighter and lightest. if she's set on apple green (which I think is called clover because apple means red), she should pick a light blue like cornflower, and then champagne. or she can do a darker blue like marine, with sage green and champagne.

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