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UFC 100 should have been Guida v Sanchez. Who agrees?

Champions are too afraid to lose their belts and so fight conservatively. Fighters on the way up the rankings provide the best fights!

what do you think guys?

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    1) Champions fight conservatively

    - Chuck Liddell fought conservatively as champion?

    - BJ Penn?

    - Were Silva/Franklin boring fights? (yes i know Leites was boring)

    So I'll just assume you don't mean "all" champions, and amend that to "Some champions fight conservatively"

    - Some fighters are boring fighters, personally Randy Coutre has never excited me. Once Matt Hughes realized that a takedown is just as effective as a slam he stopped being exciting. And yes GSP grounding and pounding his way to a 50-45 victory wasn't all that exciting. However, did you want him to make himself a standing target for a better striker to hit? Did you want Silva to roll with Leites, a better BJJ practitioner?

    - so I'll amend that too: "Some champions are smarter fighters"

    2) ".... provide the best fights"

    - right off the bat I'm gonna amend that to "...provide the most exciting fights". Most guys on their way up are only really good in one area. Thus, they are not the best. However, since they have a lack of skill in one area, the other guy may exploit it and you can see a quick submission or KO... which is exciting.

    - Bonnar v Grffin 1, very exciting, no high levelMMA skill displayed

    - And yes fighters on their way up are looking for highlight material so that Joe Sylva (the UFC matchmaker) and fans remember their name, so they swing wild and (sometimes foolishly) don't go to the ground.

    3) So should the Main Event(s) be up & comers?

    Watch The Ultimate Fighter. Every week you get to see 2 up and comers duke it out

    Should the belts be an afterthought?

    Download the prelims from all the events and have your own party watching them, see how many people show up.

    Maybe MMA isn't for you if you don't have the patience to watch a 5 round championship fight when (arguably) one of the best pound for pound fighters puts on a clinic: How to deal with a striker who outweighs you by 15 pounds.

    Source(s): P.S. Guida v Sanchez was a great fight
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    great fight, but I highly doubt they could stand up to your regular title match...really can't foresee too many people buying this as a PPV...

    should they have been on the undercard???...undoubtedly...

    but they'll get their chance....

    I disagree w/champions afraid of losing their belts....all "true" champions should realize that defending their titles is part of the game...you have to defend it in order to build a legacy....

    I really don't think short-lived champions like rashad evans or forrest griffin planned on winning conservatively...they lost because they put it on the line...

    as far as fighters making their way up the rankings providing the best fights....they provide exciting fights...just as exciting as the next fighter...if you put your statement this way, then wouldn't everyone on a PPV card w/o a belt around their waist be considered a fighter making their way to the top???

    everyone is looking to better themselves w/a win....

    you can't predict an "exciting" fight...sometimes it just happens that way...

    p.s. good question posted however....

    Source(s): I would love Joe Silva's job....maybe i'll ask him about it next month in Philly...;)
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    You are absolutely correct. Case in point. Anderson Silva. The most boring fighter alive!

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    did frank mir make lesnar tap again????

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    i get that feeling sometimes

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