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If there's separation of church and state then why no alcohol on Sunday?

Are they just bullshitting us again, I mean there's obviously no separation of church and state, do they just use that for an excuse whenever they want. I'm not asking if you agree with the law or what you think of it, I'm asking why this is the law if there is supposed to be separation of religion and law.

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    Blue laws. It is a case where people, generally for religious reasons, were able to get laws on the books attempting to legislate their morality.

    Keep in mind, there was a Constitutional amendment as well, sort of the high water mark for blue laws, but it was repealed.

    It isn't really a church v. state issue anymore; the legislation was passed so now it is strictly a state issue.

    That means you can fight it like any other law.

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    Where do you live? I know of localities that have local option elections which can prohibit sale, prohibit sale and importation, create a municipal distribution center or allow sale and importation.

    I know of states where you cannot buy alcohol on Sunday. I know of provinces where you buy your beverage of choice from the provincial government.

    Sunday is not everyone's "Sabbath". I also recall most states prohibit sale of alcohol on election day.

    There may in fact be places with enforced "blue laws" where alcohol is not sold on Sundays (but then buying alcohol isn't a right), and perhaps where the manner of intimate relations is prescribed. These are generally subject to change if the majority of the voters want them changed, or in the latter case to change by a lawsuit to uphold Constitutional right to privacy.

  • Blue laws were made by Christian lawmakers who "didn't want sin on Sundays." There are even cases of state prohibiting stores from opening on Sundays at all. It is unnecessary since people have no longer need our politicians to be our moral guides. Since the government is not specifically endorsing a religion by saying you cannot buy alcohol on Sundays, it's not a Constitutional issue.

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    There is separation of church and state, states have to use non religious reasons to justify it when they outlaw selling liquor on sundays. I agree it's stupid, but unfortunately, some states think that's appropriate. And some localities are dry even.

    But the first amendment does require that the state cannot establish religion.

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    Separation of church and state is an idea, not a law and is not found in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence or any other government document.

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    Not all states ban alcohol sales on Sunday. That being said, I understand your question. There is no common sense behind these laws.

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    Patrick is correct. I think the laws are stupid, but the majority got together and decided it was for the best.

    Yes many of them probably used their religion to come to the conclusion, but that has no bearing. People can come to any conclusion they want for whatever reason and vote on it.

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