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Looking for "that" bike (motorcycle)?

As my title says, I am looking for "that" bike, the bike which speaks to me, says 'I am the one for you'. Originally I was looking for a crouch rocket style bike, I saw a 2009 Honda Rebel. The body style of the bike I absolutly loved. It had a very vintage look to it, and therefore I fell in love.

However, there was a problem: it only has 250cc. I drive on the 15 free way (for all of those in SoCal you know the traffic), and the traffic is way to free and the people drive way too fast. Me, I am 5'11 and weigh over 200, so it would not take much to top out at.

So I am asking is what bike could I get that has a similar look to the honda rebel, has at least 600cc and no more that $6,000.

Any help is a greatly appreciated as I plan on buying a bike within 3 months.


Sorry I didn't add before but im not a new rider. I have been riding since I was 5, just I had to sell my bike a couple years back seeing how old it was and I was not qualified to work on it.

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    There's nothing wrong with a 250CC bike. I'm 6'1, 213LB, started out on a 250CC Kawasaki Ninja. Those bikes are lighter than the Rebel, and I got along fine on it. 250CC is usually what's recommended for starters anyway. Personally, I think it doesn't matter, long as you've a good head on your shoulders. I can't think of any that look exactly like a Rebel, so I'm just posting to tell you there's nothing wrong with a 250CC. Even on freeways, they can keep up.

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    Look for a used Honda 600 Shadow. They have similar styling to the Rebel and should have no problem carrying you. Unfortunately Honda quit producing them as they did most of their best bikes.

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    Have a look at a Honda VT750

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  • Patt
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    just buy a sportster if your going to spend 6000

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