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how can i be more clever?

iam sorry to ask this but i really need to know this.All my life i have missed and failed in lot of things due to my dumbness or what ever and now iam in crucial time of my life in many things.People beside me are so smart and where ever i go i end up in pathetic condition .I am so depressed all the time.I know i have to change myself .I dont like the negative smart people.But those are the ones iam facing most of the time.How can i deal them.

Can any one giv me any suggestions.I really appreciate that..Tanq

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    "Brevity is the soul of wit"

    ^^^^ that means you're more clever when you're not rambling on.

    Say short, quick plays on words. Go on google and memorize some catchy remarks. Sarcasm's usually funny. Try to hold off laughing after you say something until others are laughing too. Focus hard in your studies and be able to upkeep a conversation about current events and you'll do fine.

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    I think you're giving people more credit than maybe they deserve. Everyone is not that smart.

    Now for you: Read more and not on the computer. Visit your local library and get acquainted with the layout, if you're not already. Read up on current events (newspaper) and stay in touch with what's going on. Watch less TV and use the computer less, I think computer and the internet make us all less smart. Join a book club or a discussion group. If it's full of negative people, it's not the right one. It takes work but I think you can find the time, if you really want it. Good luck!

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    read anything you can get your hands on, good and bad. you can learn lessons from both.

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