Do Spanish accents vary among Spanish speaking peoples?

I'm American and I can tell where another English speaking person is from right away be they Canadian, Irish, English, etc. Can someone from say, Peru instantly recognize a Mexican or Puerto Rican accent? I knew a girl from Venezuela who told me that Mexican and Central American folks "murder the language" as she put it. Is this true?

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    Yes, indeed, I'm Peruvian and I can recognize accents froms almost any Latin American country (well, it's a bit difficult to differentiate some Central America accents, or distinguish between Argentinian and Uruguayan accent). Of course, I can also recognize different accents from my own country: I'm from Lima, the capital city, that have a particular accent, different to Cusco (the Andean acent) or Iquitos (Amazonian accent).

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    6 years ago

    Yes people can distinguish each others dialects. Mexicans may mix English with Spanish, such as words as: parqueo (parking), chequear/cheqar (to check), troca (truck), etc. It should be ESTACIONAMIENTO (parking), REVISAR (to check), CAMION (Truck), This is mostly common in Mexico, it doesn't happen in other parts of Latin America. As a Salvadoran (Central American) I wouldn't say we "murder the language" because that's like saying that we Americans "murder English." In fact Colombians AND VENEZUELANS tend to change words that end -ado with -ao, such as "acelerao" instead of acelerado, "enojao" instead of enojado etc and it isn't very proper grammar either. You can't say a certain country murders the language just because of their dialect and there are many stereotypes about Central American Spanish, but there are many people who speak it appropriately.

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    All countries have differences, and regional variations are fairly easy to recognize. But, a Venezuelan saying that any other country kills the language must be joking!

    Of course, the degree of variation depends directly on the person´s education. Illiterates tend to use slang heavily making it impossible to understand a person from the same country.

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    Of course they can! I am American too, but I am Colombian, and I have family all over that country. I can tell the difference if they were from Bogota or Cartagena, for example. I can hear the accent from Spain. There is a big difference from Spain and Colombia. So yeah, the accents are different.

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    Indeed. I'm from El Salvador and just as I can tell where someone is from when they speak, so can other Spanish-speakers tell where I'm from too. It just seems to throw people off that Argentines are NOT the only ones who use "vos" but anyway, as for the who has the better Spanish, everyone thinks theirs is the best and the others' is the worst.

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    well of course they do. spanish from mexico is much different than from argentina or spain. and yes there are many people who opine that their version is best. columbians, for instance believe that they have no accent and that everyone else does. spaniards think they speak the only authentic Spanish and Latin Americans are murdering the language.

    and yes often they can tell where someone is from just like you can in english( how could it not be so ? )

  • 6 years ago

    All of them, no matter which country they're from "murder" the language to some degree. Accents and "murdering" the language are very different things. Your girlfriend is just bias.

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    Most of the time I recognize the origen of a Spanish speaking person

  • i can tell the difference 'specially when a mexican or a puerto rican speaks. mexicans seems to run all of their words together and butcher them where with puerto ricans it sounds "musical" when they speak because it just flows...

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    not all, there are some really known Spanish accents like argentinian, mexican, spanish accents, but then others might not be easy to recognize and yet you know they are foreigners.

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