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Microsoft Excel selecting multiple cells B4:D4;B17:D17?

How do I select multiple cells? for example how do I select B4:D4; B17:D17 at the same time?

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    How to Select Multiple Cells in Microsoft Excel:


    Highlight the cells. Use your mouse cursor and left-click on the first cell and then hold the button in as you drag the cursor over the cells you wish to select. Once you are done selecting cells you can release the mouse button and the cells will remain highlighted.


    Select multiple cells using hot keys. You can also use hot keys to select multiple cells. To do this, press the “CTRL” key and hold. While pressing “CTRL,” left-click on the cells that you wish to select. They will gray out when you select them. Release the “CTRL” key and the cells that you selected will remain highlighted.


    Use the “Go To” command to select cells. To use the “Go To” command to select cells scroll to the “Edit” tab on the command bar and select “Go To.”


    Enter cell references to select cells. To select multiple cells you will need to enter the cell references in the “Go To” properties box. For example if you wanted to select cells A1 and B3 you would enter A1, B3. To select a span of cells in the same letter you could enter B1:B9, which would select all of the cells in that sequence.

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    Press ESC before the selection, sounds like there is a previous selection stilla ctive.

  • hold the control button and then select your first set of cells by clicking and dragging the mouse over them, and then (while still holding control) select the second set of cells by clicking and dragging over them.

    This always works.

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