I'm going to email Yankees Ownership & ask them not to help their team try to win anymore & just lay down->?

And lose to everyone. who else wants to join?

Since many want to blame the Yanks for the ills of the Baseball World for the crime of actually wanting to win while their favorite team Owners are either too cheap or want to put the money they make in their own pockets instead of helping their team i have decided to email the Yankee Ownership & will ask them to please not try to win anymore & just lay down for every team in Baseball. I will ask the Steinbrenners to please sell the team to some Corporate Company that will only look at the team as a Luxury & not care about making the Team any good(Like CBS back in the late 60's) Or to some Owner who will only put the money in their own pockets & simply not care about turning the team around. That way no one will hate them anymore & they will no longer be blamed for the ills of the Baseball world & God knows what else. Anyone who want to join in this Campaign can go to the Yankees Website & send an email as well. Separate question-> What will you be doing while there is no Baseball for a couple of days during the All Star Break?

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    couldn't agree more, tell him to stop caring about the fans and just start losing, fans would then love him for being a loser and theft, after all that's what he will become, he will be stealing from the fans, this baseball section would love the steinbrenners and yankees forever!

    Too Bad! LOL

    i will be traveling back home with my family during the break!

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    I hope you are only kidding.

    Don't let the haters get to you. The Yankees have money to spend and if other people do not like it, then too bad. I am not very fond of the Yanks, but it is not because of their money or success; I live in California and I do not care for any of the eastern teams. I don't root against them or hate on them, I am just indifferent to how they do. If they win, cool. If not, that's cool too. I know I am not the only fan who feels that way. I always considered myself a fan of MLB, not just the A's. I do not hate any team, and I certainly would not be upset over a team having money and getting good players. It only makes sense. If one has the money to spend, they spend it. I consider the opinions of the haters on this site, and other sites, to be completely irrelevant, and insignificant.

    Other question: I'll just keep doing what I'm doing, minus watching baseball. It will give me more time after my workouts to play ball with my brother and hang out with my family.

  • Mr.B
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    I'm with you all the way. At the same time, let's email the owners of Kansas City and Pittsburgh and thank them for doing things the right way. We need to let them know they are on the right track, and there would be a lot more parity if the Yankees (and Red Sox) would just stop trying to win all the time.

    SQ: I hate the all-star break because it's three days without any meaningful baseball. I think I'm going to get caught up on my housework.

  • 4 years ago

    It makes little sense. This year they are the champions. Like it or not, they will be till next year's World Series end unless they win it again. Everything else is THEORY. The reason they play 162 game and 3 tiers of playoffs it to decide who is best. This year, the Yankees. Last year, the Phillies. And so on. Everything else is how it appears on paper. Which don't mean a thing outside of the john.

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    What will you be doing while there is no Baseball for a couple of days during the All Star Break?: I will be reviewing the first half of the season, predicting the second half, and looking ahead to football season too.

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    You must be really bored if you are letting people get to you. Shame on you Scooter. Just keep on loving your team and rooting for them and stop listening to ignorant people.

    I kind of like the All Star break because NESN has some good programs scheduled and I love watching the All Star game.

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    1 decade ago

    Why do that? Why not just have a true salary cap like football where some of the smaller markets have a chance?

  • papaw
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    1 decade ago

    Yeah! Right! And Steinbrenner is gonna listen?

  • 1 decade ago

    I beg you not. We need them around so that the Angels can sweep them again and get easy wins

  • 1 decade ago

    Good luck with that.

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