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Vaseline on new tattoo?

I just got a tattoo done last night and it's amazing,but all I have to put on it right now is vaseline.My parents just said to use vaseline because we can't get the A&D right now which is what I used on my last one.It's just a black and white tattoo,but I don't want the ink drawn out which I know vaseline does.


My tat artist uses vaseline on the tattoos he does and he's done really good work,but when I did some research on vaseline it said it was bad.On my other tattoo I just used A&D that was it.No washing and after a year or so it still looks pure black so that's why I'm confused.I don't want to draw the ink out the one I just got cause it's big and on my back.

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    For decades old school artists told their clients to use Vaseline and no one ever had damaged tattoos because of it. Some of the legends still say to use Vaseline. It depends on who you were taught by, and what their experiences have been. You caould ask 10 people and get 10 different answers. The Vaseline doesn't withdraw ink from it, it just clogs pores if applied to thick. Neosporin on the other hand can pull ink because it thinks the ink is a foreign subject in the skin. Vaseline is fine in very small amounts. To keep your tattoo moist until you get something else, you'll be fine.

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    No vaseline -- too thick, it will remove ink, which is why artists use it during the tat process, to wipe away unused ink.

    I don't like A&D because it's also thick and has Vaseline in it.

    I prefer Burt's Bees Rescue Ointment or Aquaphor. Both have vitamins and speed the healing. Both can be found at drugstores, Target etc. Not $$ either.

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    No Vaseline, no petroleum products, no Neosporin, no lanolin, no dyes, no scents.

    It is fine to use Lubriderm or Curel unscented from start to finish of the healing time. If you do use an ointment, discontinue after 3 days and switch to white lotion.

    Watch this video on excellent and current aftercare methods:


    How well you do your aftercare, can make the difference in the outcome of the finished healed tattoo. Take it seriously.

    After it is healed (feels like regular skin and does not hurt when you bump it = 2 - 4 weeks or more) use the highest SPF sunblock that you can find every time you are in the sun, and reapply often.


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    Periodically wash your tattoo with non-dyed antibacterial soap if you can. Any moisturizing and healing lotion is good. I prefer to use the Jergens Ultra Healing lotion for a tattoo. Was one of many recommended by my tattoo artist.

    I really wouldn't use vaseline especially after just getting it done, but I'm not really an expert. Just what I've been told.

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    That is Fabulous. A+D Ointment is great. it's got everything in it. It's recomended by tattoo artists for your healing. it's got vitamins and vaseline in it. keep using it. if thats all you got vaseline. Just use it. it all does the same thing. a+d is just better name and brand. more expensive too. keep it moist. keep it from dring out and scabing. if it does scab let it fall off on it's own. so the ink don't come up out with the scab. hope this helps you out.

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    I don't like either. They are too thick and goopy for me. They block my pores and I get allergic reactions to them. I prefer to use unscented lotion, preferably Curel. All of my tattoos are solid black and gray and they heal better with Curel than with Aquaphor (which is another vaseline based lotion much like A&D).

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    Don't use Vaseline . Depending on the ink it could cause it to fade.

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    Dont use vaseline use carmex my homeboy CJ got two tattoos, and his r fresh just rub a fingertip of carmex on youre tat.

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    A+D Ointment

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    put some lotion on it and it will be fine. never use vasoline. unless you want it to be messed up. but if you dont have any lotion then put nothing on it and it wil still heal just fine.

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