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What are your favorite names and what are your opinions on mine?

Please answer the following questions:

1) What are your favorite male names and why?

2) What are your favorite female names and why?

3) What are your favorite names for twins (same gender/opposite


4) What do you think of the following female names?

Isabella (Bella) (means God's Promise)

Evangeline (Evie or Evan) (means Messenger of God)

Katharyn (Kate) (means Pure)

Jaclyn (Jackie) (To Protect; supplanter)

Fleur (flower)

Juliet (Jules) (Down-bearded youth)

Shannen (God is gracious)

Arwen (Noble Maiden; from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings)

Isabella for me is a definite but what shall I name my second daughter?

If you have any suggestions of your own, please share them! I like mysterious, unique names.

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    - Aiden Nicholas

    - Landon Zachary

    - Benjamin Riley

    - Liam Conner

    - Mason Gregory

    - Parker Wesley


    - Addison Sophia

    - Jocelyn Bailey

    - Caroline Olivia

    - Katherine Ainsley

    - Felicity Ann

    - Vivian Charlotte

    - Hallie Isabella

    - Chloe Madeline

    - Lucy Elizabeth



    - Aiden Nicholas

    - Benjamin Riley


    - Addison Sophia

    - Caroline Olivia


    - Landon Zachary

    - Lucy Elizabeth


    Isabella - 10/10 I love this name.

    Evangeline - 6/10 This name is pretty, but it's just way too long.

    Katharyn - 9/10 I love this name, but I prefer it spelled Katherine.

    Jaclyn - 5/10 Not crazy about this one

    Fleur - 1/10 NO! I I thought it was prounounced like Flu-er lol

    Juliet - 8/10 This is pretty

    Shannen - 4/10 No sorry.

    Arwen - 1/10 This names me think of a nerdy boy.

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    1) Jonas, Ezra, Saul, Abram - I like that they have Biblical ties and are sweet and old-fashioned.

    2) Kerensa, Dahlia, Evangeline, Isla - I just find them lovely and elegant, and perfectly feminine.

    3) For same gender, I would probably just use two of my faves: Jonas & Ezra or Kerensa & Dahlia. For opposite gender twins I might do the same (Jonas & Kerensa), but I might be a bit more matchy: Ezra & Elora or Isla & Isaac

    4) Isabella (Bella) - sweet, though I've always prefered Isabel (and still using the nic Bella). Isabella is so tainted with Twilight now it's a bit sickening.

    Evangeline (Evie or Evan)- LOVE Evangeline, and I like Evie as a nic, but I really don't like Evan. I also like Lina for a nic.

    Katharyn (Kate)- sweet, though I prefer the spelling Catherine.

    Jaclyn (Jackie) - I'm not a fan.

    Fleur (flower)- LOVE this!! Fleur is one of my fave names, and I think she makes a superb middle name.

    Juliet (Jules) - LOVE Juliet!

    Shannen - not a fan, and she seems very out of place in this list. I like Shannon better...and I prefer that for a boy.

    Arwen - lovely.

    Isabella for me is a definite but what shall I name my second daughter?

    Isabella and Evangeline leans the set very romantic, they are both old-fashioned and elegant and ultra-fem. And, Bella and Evie are very sweet for when they are younger.

    Isabella and Arwen leans it a bit more exotic.

    Both of these sets have a pretty literary feel which adds some maturity to Isabella (which I think she needs).

    I'd like to see Juliet and Fleur in there as well, but I'm not sure I like them as sibling names. Maybe middle names: Isabella Fleur and Arwen Juliet.

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    Franklin, Johnny, Noah, Lucas, Joshua, Nicholas, Arthur, Ashton, Frederick, Aidan, Ethan, Albert, Elijah, Xavier, Riley, Will, Taylor, Zac, Maxim, Skyler, Finn, Blue, Asher.

    Heidi, Isabella, Persephone, Mae, Lyra, Natasha, Alexa, Alexis, Lilah, Adelaide, Amelia, Grace, Thea, Lexie, Olivia, Renee, Alice, Sierra, Blake, Brooke, Noah

    Lexie and Lucas

    Albert and Arthur

    Adelaide and Olivia

    Isabella: Love it

    Evangeline: Hate it,

    Katharyn: Too old fashioned

    Jaclyn: Boring

    Fleur: Love it

    Juliet: Not to sure

    Shannen: Boring

    Arwen: Isn't that a boys name?

    Isabella is a lovely name, what about Isabella Mae or Isabella Fleur?

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    1) Owen, Chase, and Joel. They simple and cute and can grow with them.

    2) Evalyn Naomi, Eloise, and Mae. They're not overused but they aren't weird either. I think they are really sweet.

    3) It wouldn't make a difference to me if they were twins. I would just use my two favorite names.

    4)Isabella-- Very cute :)

    Evangeline-- Really classy and not weird

    Katharyn-- It's okay. A nice name but not a "wow" name

    Jaclyn-- Really cute :)

    Fleur-- I'm not sure how to pronounce it..

    Juliet-- Another classy name :)

    Shannen-- Very pretty name

    Arwen-- Sounds like a boy name to me.

    My favorite name out of your list besides Isabella is Evangeline or Jaclyn :)

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  • Jude
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    1. Ben, Luke, Joel, Liam, Connor - no real reasons, jsut like the names. I tend to like quite short, simple names.

    2. Anna, Lois, Alannah, Miriam, Amelie - again, I just like the names...for girls I tend to like more old fashioned, longer names and names that are unmistakably feminine.

    3. Any combination of the above names...Ben and Luke, Alannah and Miriam, Miriam and Connor etc. I don't really like the trend of 'matching'names for twins. I'd want to give them individual names to distinguish them.

    4. Isabella - I prefer Isobel. Its a nice name but what puts me off is how popular the name has become lately..

    Evanageline - Its too long for my personal taste alsthough I do like Eve, Eva or Evie. Evan is a boys name to me...

    Katharyn - love it spelt Kathryn or Catherine. I also really like Kate and it will most likely me my daughter's second name after my mum.

    Jaclyn - don't like it at all...

    Fleur - reminds me of the character in Harry could be quite a pretty name I guess.

    Juliet - too 'Romeo and Juliet'. I don't like it

    Shannen - I like Shannon, like the river in Ireladn (where I'm from)...

    Arwen - i've always thought this was a beautiful name!

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    1. Nathaniel and Jenade - i love them as there veryproper and unique however sound familiair and suitable.

    2. Marissa , Tanya , Taylor , Serena and Isobelle - love them because they remind me off certain things i love and enjoy. My favourite name is Serena is it reminds me of a godess and beauty.

    3. Mary Kate and Ashely ( yes i know its already been done but they sound great together. Maybe even Summer and Marissa , or Serena and Ava.

    4. the ones i like are :

    - Isabella

    - Evangeline


    -Arwen ( i loved Lord of the rings very magical movie.)

    beautiful names !

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    1.) Kenneth, Karter and Nolan. I like them since they are classic yet modern.

    2.) Mary, Grace and Chasity. Well people in my family have had the name Mary somewhere in their name for generations, and it's pretty. As for Grace and Chasity I just like the names since they are also pretty.

    3.) Twins: same gender. Jade and Delilah. Twins: opposite gender. Macy and Dex.

    4.) Isabella, I like it but it's way too common.

    I absolutely LOVE the name Evangeline.

    Katharyn is a nice name but the spelling is kind of offense.

    Jaclyn....again, weird spelling and way too common.


    Juliet....another beautiful name!!!! spelling; nice name.

    Arwen....isn't that a boys name? No. For a boy, yes, but it reminds me of the hotel engineer on The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody and The Suite Life On Deck.

    For your second daughter I think you should name her Evangeline or Juliet.

    Good luck xoxo.

    God bless xoxo.

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    My suited 3 (for each gender) female: Matilda Grace Aubrey Elizabeth Harper Evangeliene Boy: James Campbell Dayton Alistair Chandler Everett Raina 6/10 fairly especially i assume, I purely locate it slightly unusual. Emmeline 5/10 that's ok, nevertheless that's purely somewhat extraordinary. Madeleine 8/10 i in my opinion like this call, nevertheless I like it spelt Madeline. Lucas 7/10 this call is especially reliable, purely no longer my general. Daniel 4/10 i come across it boring and over used. Maxwell 3/10 feels like the call of a dogs. i think nicknames ought to the two be names you like (purely no longer reliable adequate to be a regularly happening call), something that flows nicely with the 1st call, or one meaning something. desire this helped! xx

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    1. Wyatt, Quinn, Dustin

    2. Aleah, Lila, Delila, Jessi, Kassidy

    3. Girls- Bella, Ella, Madison, morgan, Boys- Garrett grant. Opposite- Jesse, Jessica

    4. I defintely like the name Isabella, i also like ashtyn.

  • Anonymous
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    1. Seth, Wyatt and Jett... i have no idea i just love them!

    2. Lorelei, Phoebe, Alison... Same as above...

    3. Lorelei and Phoebe, Seth and Wyatt, Seth and Phoebe...

    4. Evangeline is the only name i really like...

    5. Juliet and Isabella would go nicely...;_ylt=AjG0y... plz answer mine?

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