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why doesnt the USA invade Saudi Arabia?

I mean if we claim that we fight for everyone democracy then Saudi Arabia is the most dictatorial backwards country in the world and breeds way more terrorism and hate than Afghanistan and Iraq, and yet our presidents go kissing the Saudi's Kings butts instead of invading them. Yes we need the oil but they need us more , without us they wouldn't have discovered oil in the first place.

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    Because our military is stretched so thin we cannot even if it was justified which it is not.*

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    Saudi involvement in terrorism and extremism needs to be addressed, but why does it always have to begin with bombs? Bombing Saudi Arabia is the best way to begin a massive war. Mecca and Medina are located in that country, so an attack there would almost certainly be seen as an attack on Islam. Do we really need another war between the faiths? Haven't we had enough of them? Have any of them ever actually solved anything? Many countries have enormous oil reserves. Can we get enough oil from the rest of the world and leave the Saudis out? That might have an effect (if it's possible).

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    Bin Laden is from Saudi Arabia. The hijackers from 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia. Most of the "combatants" in Iraq killing American soldiers are from Saudi Arabia.

    They have a fukced up Sharia Law dictatorship. They are a greater threat to free democracy than any other country.

    But they have oil.

    And are heavily invested within the US.

    Conservatives and Republicans are too stupid to make the connection. We don't attack those that should be attacked, because it'll cost more money than it would make. Iraq and Afghanistan are making the industrial/military complex very wealthy.

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    G. W. Bush did way more than kiss the Saudi king's butt, he had a long and extremely prosperous relationship with not only the Saudi king, but the bin Laden family (whom he managed to fly out of the US in the days following 9/11, when all other planes were grounded).

    We don't invade Saudi Arabia because it would be an absolute disaster for us as our military is already stretched thin and short on money.

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    I think the rest of the world is very dependent on oil for the next 40 years or so, so they will not want to upset relations between themselves and one of the biggest sources of oil.

    The problem in Saudi Arabia is Wahabi sect of Islam. That is to say, they implement Islam in the exact same way it was 1400 years ago, and do not believe that Islam should be flexible with the modern times.

    I don't know what will happen with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries after the era of oil.

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    The USA already controls Saudi Arabia along with the IMF and the world Bank. The US treasury dept controls the printing and values of Saudi currency. They are forced to sell all oil in US dollars. We pretty much use Saudi Arabia to maintain the value of the US Dollar and to launder money. That was the deal back in the day; we build infrastructure and modernize your cities along with your economy, and you do our bidding. That's why so many Saudis contribute money to anti American terrorists! Its because the Saudi people know we control them and do not like it!

    It would be very costly in blood and treasure to maintain an occupation of Saudi Arabia. And why bother when the American Elite, like the Bush family, keep Saudi Arabia right where they want them?

    Source(s): Read Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins.
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    Why are you so hungry of war. Show me a country that is in peace after US invasion. Educate yourself and mind your own business.

    Source(s): Logic
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    Oh sheesh! You sound just like the typical Liberal who, without any sense of irony, tells us Conservatives that we have no business sticking our noses in the business of other countries, citing Afghanistan and Iraq as examples.

    Then later you will denounce our inaction in places like Darfur and Tibet. It's absolutely hilarious.

    Why don't we invade Saudi Arabia? Let me count the ways.

    1) At least they are trying to be civilized. We may not like their brand of Islamic law, but at least they adhere to the actual letter of the law, unlike the ignornant, unwashed Mullahs in Iran.

    2) We have a strong friendship with Saudi Arabia. After 9-11 they realized they cannot placate rogue Islamic fundamentalists anymore, and firmly work on our side in the war against terrorism.

    3) They are a very stable country, with the bigget oil reserves in the world. If we displaced their government, the whole Middle East would suffer.

    4) Saudi Arabia does not breed more terrorism. However, since they are one of the few Arab states actually cracking down on these terrorists, the malcontents leave the country to engage in their terrorist activities with impugnity.

    Clearly, this is why we don't invate Saudi Arabia. Any more questions?

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    Bush did actually launch a diplomatic program to get Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and others to get them to reform. That program was also used in Pakistan and may have led to the stepping down of their dictator.

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    the government doesnt do things because of their humanitarian policies. its all about money. thats why we kiss their asses. oil is the blood of the world and the USA wants it to be theirs. by *** kissing we can keep oil prices down making voters happy. more people are concerned with their wallets than they are with other people. so stop saying the government needs to invade and lets try changing ourselves first before we go and radically change another country.

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