Comcast versus AT&T internet?

I'm really confused about which internet service to choose.

I'm with Comcast right now (high speed internet & really BASIC cable - like 8 channels) and I'm paying $60.00/month. I don't really watch TV so the cable is really useless to me (especially since we have DTV & that works just as well).

I just got an offer from AT&T for high speed internet for $20.00/month and no phone/cable connection is required.

With the economic times as they are - I want fast internet service that doesn't cost me a ridiculous amount.

Please help me figure out if switching makes sense - I don't really want to lose speed/connectivity.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The basic difference is that Comcast is cable and AT&T is DSL

    So with Comcast you may get higher speeds - if the network is not really loaded down. Or it may be slower, at peak times. But there are no guarantees. In general though, you can count on a pretty fast connection, between 3 and 10 Mbs

    With DSL, you get the speed you pay for. The lowest tier of service on most DSL systems is about 750 Kbs down and 100 Kbs up. That's fine for email and light web browsing, but marginal for video and too low for games. The price goes up fast from there as you add speed.

    There is also the question about data limits. Comcast has a limit of 250 GB per month. You REALLY have to be a serious down loader to get anywhere close to that.

    I believe AT&T has data limits, but it depends on the plan and area. You need to check so you don't get a surprise.

    Since I do a lot of work on the web, I need a fast connection. At higher speeds, there is not a lot of difference between the cost of DSL and the cost of cable in my area. Because I can schedule most my downloads to off peak periods, I enjoy having the big pipe Comcast offers

    Just read the contracts carefully so you know what you are getting.

    Good Luck

  • 5 years ago

    It was my understanding that you only get what you pay for, I have comcast down in Florida, and i only pay for the internet service, but i still get the basic service if i plug the cable into the back of my TV. I was helping my parent set up there new service in Boynton beach about 1/2 hour north of me, and I tryed to do the same thing for them, and the service did not work, however the have a time warner box, and i have the comcast box.

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