14 year old birthday party ideas?

what should i do for my party? im turning fourteen give me ideas please no matter how much the cost.


I want it to be somewhere besides my house!

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  • 1 decade ago

    • hawaiian Theme!!!!

    for girlzz they can have the option of wearing a grass skirt or coconut bra x]

    and for the guys. a tropical hawaiian shirt with shorts. For both sandals or any shoes really. but most defiantly buy leia'z for them when they come!! also have some tropical fruits. Blown palm treez or whatever. Hawaiian music. Uhm.. hmm.. and anything tropical :D

    • Mask Theme

    Your guests have to wear masks. Girlz have to wear fancy dresses. Guys can wear a tuxedo or anything else fancy. You can have it at a fancy restraunt or some place fancy ( can be your home but make shure you make it fancy) you then can ( if you can afford) rent a limo and come to where you guests are. they see you come out like your famous xD haha and have a blast!! you can serve awesome food .. And a great delicious cake!!!

    • Do a black and white masked ball. Rent a large room decorate in black and white w/ red accents. Guess wear black or white gowns. Guys in tuxes. Lot's of white lights, candles and roses.

    • The beach!! have a beach party! swim, have a bbq, and dance, and music, and have a dance contest!! winner gets something xD and in the water 2 girls can sit on 2 girls/guys shoulders and the girls on top have to try to knock eachother down xD its so much funz!!!!!

    • Horror partyy.. Make sure its dark in your house. but have some candles so its gona be kinda creepy. Then You guys can play a game called " haunted house" theres gona be 2 teams. 1 team will try to figure out some ideas to scaree the other team. Then you guys can watch a scary movie.

    Hope i helped!!(:

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    1 decade ago

    for my 14th birthday i had a sleepover, you can a have a big one or small one up to you, with all your closest friends.

    you could have that and a party like a disco or house party, then a sleepover after.

    you could have it at a camp site



    or just your house.

    if your having a party make sure you get a good dj and snacks and drinks

    hope this helped.

  • 4 years ago

    well to decorate the house try: bright colored balloons! the paper string stuff to hang on ur ceilings! the shimmering stuff you walk through to get in the house! blown up pictures of you through the house! goody bags are always the best to give out! the dollar store is a great place to buy! candy and lipgloss and small things of nail polish and such is neat to give away. to do: take tons and tons of pictures golf cart. games. get tons of movies. yall can always go to the mall for awhile. bowling. prank call. it depends on your friends. your not a little kid no more so u want to do fun stuff. just think about what each friend likes to do. =] best of luck wow ur lucky to have a party.

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    have a party in ure backyard or a restaurant then ya call ure friends for a sleepover watch a movie get sum snacks and stay up :D

  • 1 decade ago

    rent a confrence room at a hotel with a pool. most will serve continential breakfast . have everone bring swim suits and sleeping bags. you can watch movies dance play games whatever! about 100.00

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    i really don't understand why people ask for birthday party ideas constantly. thousands of people have asked for them already, just type it into the search box and you will get thousands of results.

  • 1 decade ago

    A few great ideas...





    Playground/park (Yeah, I know it may seem babysih, but hey its really fun)

    Some function room (dance)?

    Well i hope there help!

  • 1 decade ago
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