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Is it better to wash fruit with soap, or is water enough?

Somebody told me to wash fruit with soap after getting them from the grocery store (or produce market, or where ever) because it helps get rid of the pesticides they use. Is it true? Or is it enough to just use regular tap water?


I'm sorry to do this to you guys but I'm gonna have to!

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    There is a product called VEGGIE WASH for washing pesticides, wax, dirt, fingerprints and chemicals off of your produce ! Only $5. I only use warm water, but now that I think about it= its still pretty gross... I hate when you can actually see fingerprints on your fruit- dat's nasty.

    Make your own if you'd like:

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    If I plan to eat the whole fruit with the skin I wash it with soap first. Fruit used to have a layer of pesticides in the past, but it's much better now.

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    not all sorts of soap can be used so be careful. try to check at home centers if there are available soaps in your area to be used for washing veggies and fruits. these kinds of soap is really different from the ones you will use for dishwashing your plates, clothes, bathroom, etc. it is a specialized one for food process. if not, you will be killing not only the pesticide but the protein itself from the fruits. anyways, tap water is enough. just wash it well and drain.

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    regular tap water is fine

    if youre trying to avoid pesticides go organic. soap cannot remove pesticides, theyre like in the dna of the produce

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    If its Organic, then water is plenty.

    If its not... warm water! Unless you can guarantee you rinsed your food off completely 100% then I would not touch soap to your food.

    Warm water and let sit back in the fridge for a few min to chill it!

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    I believe regular old water is enough. You might get sick from the soap!

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    The more the merrier.

    But seriously, yeah, soap is better..have you tried rinsing them off them just water? You can sill feel the stuff the market sprays on them!!! Try warm water and soap..better to be safe =)

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    I wash my fruits with a bit of salt water.

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    I use just water. I really don't think soap is a good idea.

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    soap is not for food.. just use tap water, as long as the water is clean.

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