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Which is better high school, middle school, or elementary school?

i like high school cuz u get 2 get out...but elementary school was really fun...middle school is for asses.

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    I love high school, more freedom, responsibility, and people; but i miss elementary school so much. not caring about anything and just having fun. middle school sucked a$$ and always will

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    High School, Elementary, Middle, middle school did suck, too much trying to fit in a hurting others, sucks so much!!!! and then elementary school second because well, we're so naive then which can be good and bad at some points, and well high school rocks!!!!

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    Well i think elementary school is the best!!! I cant speak for high school cuz im starting this fall and middle school is definently the worse! All three years of it sucked!

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    I honestly think that Elementary school is the best because I'm not in high school yet and I hated my middle school! Hope this helps!

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  • Katie
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    1 decade ago

    1. high school

    2. elementary school

    3. middle school

    i agree with you, high school is fun for the freedom, and elementary school was fun cause there were no worries or stresses. Middle school sucked and was boring

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    Elementary school was fun, but took forever. Middle school sucked due to the whole puberty thing. High school I really got to be myself and enjoy my friends, but was full of drama.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    High school

    you can drive to school, have lunch off campus, dances, choice of classes. It's the most fun out of any school. But then college is a whole different story ; )

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1) Elementary (you can make mistakes and nobody would care)

    2)Middle School (your adapting to change)

    3)High School (where life is a *****, and you cant go no where without making poor decision)

  • Hannah
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    1 decade ago

    High school is the BEST

  • 1 decade ago

    Middle school SUUUUCKS I'm so glad to be out of that place I hope high school is better!

    Source(s): I've been in junior high
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