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What do you need to do to get a Masters Degree in Psychology in the state of Iowa?

What courses would i have to take and how good is the pay? Any websites that could help me too?


and how hard is it to get this degree?

Update 2:

oh and how many years does it take to get it?

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    I got my Master's degree at Iowa State, but it was many years ago. Each university is going to have its own requirements, so check with the different universities you are interested, and get a graduate college catalog. That will tell you what is required.

    When I went to ISU, I was required to take three out of four identified experimental psych courses, and three out of four applied psych courses, three statistics courses, psychological measurement, all the required classes in my area of cncentration, and a couple electives. They may have changed all that by now, but I got a pretty well-rounded education in psychology overall there..... it was really hard though!

    Source(s): M.S. from Iowa State University, 1977
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