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how to extract blood from rats/mice? we will test their hematocrit and differential count WBC count?

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    If all you need is blood for a hematocrit, then a simple lancet to the tail should give you enough blood. Basically you can just use the same method that a doctor uses when they do a finger stick on a child to obtain blood. (You can get lancets from the drug store, and then you would just need to order some finger stick tubes with anti-coagulant in them if you do not already have some) You should have no problem getting at least 100-200 ul this way, and that should be all you need. If you need to keep these rats alive this is the way to go.

    If you need more blood that that, or need your data to be more accurate, then a blood sample taken from a veinipuncture is the way to go, as it is always the most accurate. In this case you would draw from the carotid artery in the neck. There is a carotid artery running along either side of the neck, just as there are in humans. However, this can be tricky because of some rolling of the will have to put the rats to sleep or give them a paralytic and then shave the fur so that you can see the artery.

    Good luck!

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    The normal way is through the tail vein. Much easier in rats than mice, however. Can be made easier if one cleans the tail with alcohol or xylene, and dip tail in warm (not hot) water to better visualize the vein. Then stick needle in vein, and withdraw blood. Another useful way is via retro-orbital, but this is much more difficult to learn and master.

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    If the mice are to be kept alive labs usually chop off the end of their tail to get blood. They usually give them gas to send them to sleep first though.

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    If your dissecting I would use the neck arteries, there the largest.

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