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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsFriends · 1 decade ago

Wish I had someone to talk to...?

Everyone I know is busy all the time. I never feel like I have anyone to talk to. About anything. Just looking for someone to talk to is all. I'm fourteen years old.

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    I know exactly how you feel. I am 16 and in high school. We live in a fast paced society that has sucked even teenagers in.

    In my experience, I found that keeping a journal is a good way to talk. Or whenever school starts back up again, make some new friends and talk to them in class (about school, life, football, ect) and then once they're good friends with you, they'll want to help you in anyway possible. One of my good friends once said:

    "Friends aren't like Barbies; they're not just there to stare and look pretty at, they're there to talk to, spill secrets to, and to hang out with."

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  • I'm way older than you are & i know exactly how you feel. Life can be very lonely at times. But the main thing to remember is to always have faith & believe in yourself. Never & i mean NEVER! let anyone or anything make u feel as if you are useless or that you are no good b/c I'm sure that is far from the truth. My suggestion would be to continue seeing a Therapist & to continue your faith in God. It sometimes takes a lil while but in due time you will feel better & you will see that you are not alone Best of luck & hope you feel better very soon.

    P.S Be very careful about who you talk to online. Way too many sick idiots out there.

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    Im_only is right...while the internet can be a good resource, there are some creepy people out there who have bad motives and it can be hard to sift out the good from the bad until you have given someone your trust and find out you shouldn't have.

    My best advice is to find real people, in good places, in your town. It can be hard to make real friends, especially for a teen because other teens can be mean, exclusive and pretty judgmental. But don't despair because there are actually a lot of ways to meet people your age and make friends. Out of those friends, there may very well be one or a handful who earn your trust and you feel comfortable talking to them.

    I know this might sounds cheesy, at first, but try volunteering at your local library. A lot of them have teen 'cafe' type of sections where teens actually go and hang out. So you can volunteer or just go and hang out.

    You probably have a community center in your area with summer programs that you could look up on line, for interesting classes or activities. I was a day camp counselor for little kids and made friends with the other counselors. Being a counselor in training when I was like 15 was fun, too--at a sleep away camp. A lot of volunteer opportunities for teens are a great way to make friends.

    Try doing a Google type search for "Teen Center" or "Community Center" and the name of your town and see what comes up.

    Also, if you participate in church or a religious organization, they usually have stuff for teens and you can meet people there.

    Local pools, rec centers, libraries are all good places to volunteer, if your parents are okay with that.

    Many communities have Teen Centers, like at community health centers or just in the community and they offer various things, like support around medical issues for teens, counseling support, recreation activities and probably even volunteer opportunities.

    All of these things will put you in contact with people your age and even cool things to do. I hope that helps. Good luck! :)

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    Depends on what you need to talk to on the person. If its about anything then <---- but be careful. Lots of sick people on the internet. Just givin you advice. I sorta know what you mean cept like i have like 2 ppl to talk to but i dont ever feel like i could trust then enough to confide in them in the stuff I need to talk to them about.Emails if you need to talk. I'm always checkin my email when I can. Btw my names not justin, it was one that my friend made but he never uses it so I decided to use it

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    Maybe you should try to do some social events and meet some people. Try some chat rooms. If that's not your thing do some volunteer work or something. Just get out and do some things to meet you some friends.

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    i can be your friend or just your talk buddy if you want if u want you can aim me an oh im 15 years old lol


    or my


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