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Anonymous asked in PetsReptiles · 1 decade ago

Internal Anal, Testicular or Ovular Shedding in Reptiles of Some Sort?

Well, I was wondering, occasionally, my iguanian lizards (basilisk, bearded dragon, and uromastyx) get some kind of internal shedding? I know my basilisk and uromastyx are females, but I'm not sure what sex my bearded dragon is. Anyway, occasionally, these three lizards I own get some kind of internal shedding or something? It's an occasional thing. Occasionally after pooping they got this. The basilisk I've owned for almost 6 years, I noticed gets this on occasion. I never looked it up because I always had other things on my mind and all of them seem fine. Would this be some kind of menstrual cycle for them or something. They don't have parasites, as my basilisk has been doing it ever since I got her, 6 years ago. Is it possible that my bearded dragon is a female and is doing this? Is it the shedding of ovaries and testes? Could someone inform me on this. It's some kind of thing that I'm not sure what it is. It comes out of the anal cavities. They lived like this for a while, so don't come telling me that this is fatal. They live happy, active lives. My basilisk was doing this for the 6 years I had her, and my uro for the three years I had her. Now my bearded dragon is nine months old and started doing it, too. Is it some kind of period for a lizard? Is it shedding of the gonads. WTF is it. I know it's not fatal because I had these guys for a long time doing this.


He died at age 7. :( I’m planning on breeding my bearded dragon though. He’s almost ready. He’s 9 months old and 18 inches long. : P

Update 2:

Hehe, you're probably the most reliable answer I'll get on here, since I don't get many. I'm guessing my bearded dragon is a male then, but my basilisk sometimes may get this and I had her sexed, but she’s a female. I wanted to make sure even though her crest was small. But she's a female. The vet probed it. Well, the thing is, I haven't seen her do it recently, but she's also over 8 years old (old for a basilisk, which live usually 7 on average), since she was two when I got her. The store said she was female when I got her, too. I've really only seen my uro do this once, but no more and I checked her anus, but it seems clear. My basilisk I've seen do this 5 times since I had her. This is the first time I've seen my bearded dragon do it. When I checked his anal cavity I noticed the tissue was coming out of one of the side holes in his anus. So I was guessing it was something gonad related. My chameleon used to have this too. He was a male.

Update 3:

I'll give Best Answer when it enables me to. I think it takes twelve horus or so to do so.

Update 4:

Sorry, I meant *hours*.

Update 5:

Sorry, I meant *hours*.

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    Male lizards and snakes will shed the skin covering their hemipenes regularly. If they don't it will form a bit of a barrier and act like a condom preventing them from mating. So it's a natural process. Sometimes the skin gets stuck and so it only comes off every couple sheds and in this case it'll be thicker looking. I freaked out when my bearded dragon first did this because it looked like something broke off from inside of him. I've got snakes that do it as well though.

    I've never heard of females shedding anything like this. Females don't have hemipenes like males (of course) but they do have female hemipenial homologs. These don't evert in most species so I'm not sure if they shed the skin on them or not. They also have scent glands like the males and possibly some skin sheds off of those...

    Generally if you see shed skin pieces from the cloacal opening it means your lizard or snake is male. But if you're positive your lizards are female then possibly it's shed skin from one of the organs I mentioned. I haven't heard of it but maybe it does happen.

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