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I want to join JYP/DSP/YG/SM/ETC. (mainly JYP) entertainment& everything. If I DO make it, I was wondering since I'm still young& still need an education, how would I get it? (Please don't just answer w/school -__-") I mean like if you make it into the company, with all the practicing and training to debut how do you have time for school? Also, since the chances are really slim (1 out of 5000) what are some tips I can do to give me a better chance at making it into the company? =/

no mean comments please& thankyou =)


Also, can someone tell me how to start on the video? like how long it should be, do i cram all talents in one video, etc. Also, I can't find the online application ANYWHERE so someone please help meee =(

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    Well i think that they tutor you if you dont go to school... other than that i dont know how you would get education but im sure they have days where they go into the school... like snsd.. they are still getting their education i thin they have a tutor.. to have a better chance seem passionate and stand out... dont be shy and try your best there is always hope.. ehh i dont really like sm but ok

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