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What is the benefit of going to a large school versus a smaller school?

My family doesn't have loads of money so if I were to go to a large school that was more well known and renowned but would put myself into post school debt would it be better to go to a state school and not put myself into debt?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    For most students, the only private universities worth paying for are the Ivy League, the remaining "Seven Sisters", Amherst, Duke, Chicago, MIT, CIT, Stanford and maybe a few more. Only these universities give a person a real advantage in life compared to the other universities, where you can get a fine education, but will find it harder to meet students and professors who have the connections to help you get into a top graduate school and get you a good job when you finish.

    The size of the school is not so important as the quality. In large schools more classes are offered, but it may be harder to get into the classes you need to prepare for professional school. In a small school you get more individual attention from faculty and it may be easier to make friends.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Are you conversing approximately going an honors college indoors an considerable college? the income to those is that (even even however they are in many cases plenty tougher to get into than the college they are portion of) they often come alongside with nicer dorms, smaller training, an greater suitable determination of educating, a scholarship, greater suitable suited internship possibilities, and all forms of particular perks. in case you qualify for an honors college, then decide for for it--that is plenty greater suitable suited than in certainty a fancier diploma.

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