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what is the best way to tell a girl u like her.and u have been friends for a long time?

i have had this friend that's a girl and we have been Friends for a long time and she likes other guys but i still want her to know the way i feel

2 Answers

  • 1 decade ago

    Well first you have to flirt and see if she does it back cause if you just throw it at her you will make it awkward if she doesn't like you back. Then if you're getting a good vibe go somewhere private like by a lake or in the park and just say,"You know...I really like you :)" and if sh smiles just kiss her theres nothing to it. The worst she could say is,"I lie you too your a great 'friend'" but I don't think girls and guys can just be friends without them somewhat crushing on each other so if she is always picking you over other guys she could be hanging out with she definitely likes you too. Just be confident you can do this you're better for her than any other guy because you actually know her and care about her. So good luck you can do this :)!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Just tell her all the compliments you can think about her , make her happy , then just be brave and tell her you like her and all the things you like about her. before doing all this .. do it in a private place alone in person. Not on the phone lol.

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