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what should i do about my friend problem?♥♥♥?

me and my friend got into this really stupid fight over a pen and well ever since that happened about three mounths ago we havent talked since so heres wat happened she had slep over my house a couple weeks before the fight and i had this necalice pen and she was wearing it and i dint realy care it was just a pen and when she had left she took it with her whitch was okay with me and when i went over her house i had saw the pen there and i asked if she had got it from me and then she thought i said she had stoled it and then we just got into a big fight and it stareted to get mean and she had said some means hurtful things to me and i didnt say anything i stoped and she kepted going on and on and i just thought about what she had did to me a mounth before she had burned my forhead really really bad wiyh the curling iorn and i forgaved her alough it really hurted and still did at the time and so anyways while she kepted going on and on i txt my mom to come pick me up and i havent talked to her or anything and i wasnt sure i wanted to aned now i feel bad because she is moving to south corlinia and my mom is still really good friends with hers so i have to go and say bye and i dont want to fight anymore but at the same time i really dont want to talk to her cause all she is going to do is fight and i had already said sorry and i dont want to see her ethier. SO GUYS CAN YOU PLZZZ PLZZZ HELP ME I AM HOPLESS. THANXX♥♥♥

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Nothing. Do not go. She is not your friend. And if she still has your pen she's a thief. The reason she got so upset was because she knew the pen was yours and tried to make you feel guilty. 8>}

  • 1 decade ago

    Improve your grammar and spelling and I'll help you.

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