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Anyone recognise this song?

If you know who sings this song I have been trying to figure it out for months. Here are the cords & lyrics.

II C Fmag7 ~ C Fmaj7 ~ C Fmag7 ~ C Fmaj7 II

C Fmaj7

Our Father. (Ladies echo)

C Fmaj7

Who is in heaven (Ladies echo)

C Fmaj7 C Fmaj7

Hallowed be your Name (Ladies echo)

C Fmaj7

Your kingdom come (Ladies echo)

C Fmaj7

Your will be done (Ladies echo)

C Fmaj7 C Fmaj7

On earth as it is in heaven (Ladies echo)

F G G7 C

Give us today our daily bread


and forgive us our debts as we

G Gsus G

forgive our debtors

C Fmaj7

And lead us not (Ladies echo)

C Fmaj7

into temptation (Ladies echo)

C Fmaj7 C Fmaj7

but deliver us from the evil one (Ladies echo)


For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory,


forever and ever

C Fmaj7 C Fmaj7


Amen, Amen (last time)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Lord's Prayer by Sister Janet Mead came out in 1974 is the one I know.

    A rock/pop song got up to number 4 on billboard

    I came back to edit. I just typed in Sister Janet Mead on the search bar and they have the song, i guess you can hear it if you go to the right one(they have several) my speakers are not working, but I have it on CD somewhere.

    I know that she had the original version of The Lord's Prayer in this style, but I don't know if anyone has done a cover of it since then or not. I always liked that song. She was a real nun, too, and sang other rock/pop songs, but I think this was her only hit.

    You may be talking about a different tune, I don't have my guitar with me. Of course this was a woman singing this one, you may be talking about a man, but you can check it out and see if it is the same tune and let me know if you want by typing below your question, just curious about if someone else has it out and if it is a rock or pop song like this one.

    Now that I looked again at the lyrics you typed, her's were a little different words, like trespasses instead of debtors. I tried anyway, sorry. If you get a chance though and have not heard this, it sounds pretty good, it got up to number 4 anyway.

  • 1 decade ago

    The lords prayer

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    its not a song duh its a prayer

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