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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicCelebrities · 1 decade ago

how about John Denver? i wish he were alive...?

i met John denver 8 months ago and i just love him. unfortunately i wasnt born till after he died and i wish i were born just 3 months and 8 days earlier so that i could be comforted now with the knowledge that i was born when he died. when i first discoverd him, i thought there werent any body who hated him. after all, who could hate such beartiful music? but, as i was browsing yahoo answers today some people hated him and said nasty things about him. with the death of Michael Jackson and the commotion that followed, including the memorials i feel that John Denver deserved such acclaim more than Michael did (no offense to you MJ fans im not one of them). as was reading ans Oct. 12 CNN article about that singers death iwanted to cry. why dont people love that singer?

P.S. where exactly did he die? until today i thought he died in the Rocky mountains. but he actually died in California, where i have lived my whole life in Los Angeles? for comparison, how far is his place of death from UCLA/USC? thanks all of you and John hope you are singing songs in heaven!

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    I thought he was a great singer myself. The reason some folks come out as hating his music was just their preferences. For instance they would prefer hip hop, head banger punk rock, heavy metal, or even hard rock. Denver did not write that kind of stuff, he was more country or pop. Some even called it "New Age". Some folks even hate him because of his liberal politics and environmental stance.

    I don't care I just liked his music.

    Denver died while flying an experimental aircraft he had purchased. I think it was off the coast of California. My thoughts were that at least it was while doing something he loved. Denver was an experienced pilot.

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