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Cats like plant but not catnip!?

My two cats Doragon and Tora keep on attacking my flowers and other house plants. Okay I'm back from Arkansas and when I came home all the house plant were knocked over or had bite marks in them. So I bought them some catnip but they don't like it or there toys and keep on attacking my plants and my mom even brought out the whole I'll get rid of them thing. I know she won't but I still don't like to have to clean up there plants every day. How do I make them stop without hurting/punishing them or getting rid of my plants. (Plants are important to my family don't ask why) They are my little babies and I refuse to hurt them like smacks but I do send them to the laundry room as a punishment. Is that good enough? How am I supposed to fix this problem?

PS spray bottle won't work they love water, crazy freakin cats


they is japanese cats my dad brought me from Japan.

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    Weird how cats love flowers, with mine (I'm also in Asia), no flower is safe, ever.

    I think they need a steady supply of catgrass/wheatgrass. Get a heavy planter box, an oblong one, put it in an area where there is a lot of sun, and grow them some catgrass. Put stones at the bottom of it so it's heavy and they cannot topple it.

    Mine also used to attack the few houseplants I had until I did that, and now they know there is a plant box just for them, and basically leave the other plants alone.

    Don't punish them, this is natural behaviour, so use positive enforcement, like praising them when they eat the plants you give them.

    Flowers are a different story, I am afraid - I have learnt to put mine out of reach, which is sad since that means in places you can't see them properly. It's OK with plants not toxic to cats, but my favourites are all toxic to cats so there we go. Remember to always check, and only keep safe plants in the home.

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    I've got a cat just like this,lol, but her thing is attacking the plant and digging the dirt out to watch it fly. She doesn't use it as a bathroom, just likes to see the dirt fly.

    Put the plants up off of the floor on high plant stands. I take paper plates and cut them in sections to cover the dirt.

    The laundry room punishment won't work. They can't make the connection. Clap your hands and say "no" in a loud voice when you see them attacking the plant. It must be done when they are doing it, They won't know what in the heck you are doing if done later. Keep this up each time and they will associate the loud unpleasant noise and voice with the plant attacks.

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    It's possible your cats just don't like catnip. I doubt them being from Japan makes much of a difference.

    Many cats DO like water. My cat Simon is fine being sprrinkled with water (He doesn't LIKE it but he doesn't freak out, either) but LOATHES the bath.

    You can buy sprays that will teach your cat to stay away from certain items (like away from a couch if they're scratching it) so try this. Also, please make sure the plants in your house aren't toxic to your cats in case they decide to try and eat them!

    Cats aren't like dogs, you can't smack them as a punishment (and you shouldn't do that to a dog, either). They will just learn to resent you. Sending them to the laundry room won't do anything, they'll just be annoyed they're being locked in a room.

    If the spray doesn't work, whenever you see them go near the plants, say "NO" in a firm voice (DON'T SCREAM AT THEM OR SCARE THEM). If they don't pay attention, I find nudging them until they look at me, and then saying "NO" again helps. It takes A LOT of work to train a cat but it will be done eventually if you keep working at it.

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    I've owned many cats in past years. Providing catnip is not the answer.You sound like you might have some half brain cats. Just like people are very different so are cats. Some smart,some not so smart, You might take these cats back and find some young cats with good genes,such as siamese mix cats or persian mixes. The best to you!

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    I would have to say put your plants where they cant get them, ex. office/outside/extra room/your room. You can also grow your own catnip so they can have the joy of eating the plants. Maybe grow grass as well? Could be a tummy ach.

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    While I can't really offer any valuable suggestions as to how to keep your plants safe from your cats, you should know that there are many houseplants that are highly toxic to cats. Some are so dangerous that cats who chew on them could experience kidney failure and even death.

    So to keep your cats safe from your plants, check out this website:


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    Get a cat repellent and spray it in an area where the plants are. You can get it at most pet stores.

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    Well they certainly sound like "different" cats. Try buying fresh catnip, or live cat grass. I have found that some brands of catnip arent potent enough.

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