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I want to play Magic: The Gathering but I have some questions that I can't seem to find the answers!?

I've recently started playing MTG and I've searched for a few answers but can't seem to find them. First off, is there any limit to the color combinations you can play in your deck? Secondly, if I have cards from the expansion Planar Chaos can they be used with cards from the expansion set Time Sprial? Does it matter? And, if I were to play in a tournament, how does the outcome of what I've asked effect elligibility? I'm such a noob...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1) There is no limit to how many colors you can put in your deck. There are monocolor decks where they focus on one color. There are also 5-color decks that use all 5 colors. However, newer players should either focus on monocolor (for simplicity) or at most 2-colors (for a variety). However, it usually depends on the sets and whatnot to know what is the best combination to use, but even that varies from person to person.

    2) When you play with other people, it usually doesn't matter. However, if you play in tournaments, it would matter.

    In Standard format (also known as Type 2), it is the most recent base set and the 2 most recent blocks. This is also the most common format. This is where both Planar Chaos and Time Spiral are illegal to use.

    In Extended format, it is very popular because it allows a large range of cards to still be played. Here, Planar Chaos and Time Spiral are legal.

  • 1 decade ago

    You can play any card from any set in the same deck (assuming the appropriate format rules are followed for tournament play) You can play cards from Ice Age with cards from Shards of Alara, and 3rd edition with cards from 10th edition.

    In fact, there are tournaments (known as vintage and legacy) which allow you to use every card ever printed (except for ante cards and a small...ish banned/restricted list for these formats).

    then (as stated above) there are scenes where only the newer cards are allowed to be used and a scene for those player who just can't let go of the cards that just cycled out of the type 2 scene.

    Personally, i haven't played in a standard (type 2) tournament since i first started playing the game. I find it more fun, and interesting, to come up with card combinations that create very wild, and spectacular combos.

    Bottom line, how you want to play is up to you. As long as the deck is at least 60 cards, you can play all 5 colors in the same deck if you so please (there are even some cards that force/encourage you to do such *cough Cromat, coalition victory, sliver queen, sliver overlord, etc...) and from what i can see, the newest block (shards of alara) encourages using multiple colors in a single deck.

    But do not let that make you think you have to play more than one color, a simple deck with one color can be more effective and more fun to play than any other kind of deck (because sometimes, spending 10 minutes to run a turn-3-combo to kill your opponent drags the fun out of the game :/ )

    Source(s): Played this game off and on for 9 years
  • 1 decade ago

    there is no limit to the amount of colors you can have in one deck, but it is usually best for new players to stick with just one, and multicolor decks can be used in tournaments

    for normal play, the set cards in a deck are from do not matter, for Tournaments, I'm not too sure

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