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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesVisual ArtsPhotography · 1 decade ago

Photography & Film Industry? Location?

I am depating between if i should go into photography or the film industry to be a director. I've been doing photography for three years now and have less digital video experience, but I can pick up on it very fast becuase i've done it a lot.

So bascially which industry is the best to go into? I live in Vancouver which is i guess is decently big on the both. I'm more interested to be a film director because that is were the money is at. But then again it cost a lot more money... and possibly would have to move to LA and take all this very very expensive film school?



If it was photography industry I'd enjoy high contract work like shooting celebirty's, etc... which would require moving to LA?

I'm 17, just planning out what is best... and getting opinions.

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    You are contradicting yourself. How can you say you have 'less video experience' but at the same time you've 'done it a lot'?

    Either you have experience or you don't... there's no choice between those options.

    You're 17, about to graduate from High School and you can't even spell or write legible? If I were your Parent, I'd sue the school system and demand my money back then pull you out and put you into home study programs where you would actually learn how to read and write.

    Don't base your future on money... yes, it's nice to have but if you enjoy what you're doing, you're never going to work,... that's much better.

    I love what I do... I'm a photographer traveling all over the country while someone else pays for my fuel costs, vehicle maintenance, and they even put money into my bank account every week.

    You would want to be a Paparazzi? Not a very glamorous title is it?

    Learn how to write... then think about being a Director.


    Source(s): Roadie Photographer (tonight I'm in Barstow, California):
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    What is best is to teach youself. Film and photography schools can't teach you how to be expressive or artistic. Only how to superficially entertain. Schools for those things are a complete waste of both time and money. You can be far better off in being true to yourself and teaching yourself than having some theoretician wail jargon of pseudophilosophy on faux concepts. Get out there and find yourself. The true way!

    Source(s): Ray Carney-- check 'im
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    I say do what makes you happy yeah photography might be less money but if it makes you happy I say do it. I personally love photography so I'll be biased on that but still. up to you. hope I helped :]

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