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? asked in Beauty & StyleFashion & Accessories · 1 decade ago

Back-To-School Outfits Help?

I know i asked this before and i got some REALLY great answers. All three of them. was cute but not exactly my style. I wouldn't say i ahve a style. but if you could give me some websites, it would be greatly appreciated. Please no Wet Seal, TJ Mazz, Kohls, and related sites. I've been on those site all frikkin day long and i couldn't fin nothin i haven't seen last school year, pshhhh.

btw. im 13 and going to 8th grade, and our dress code is not strict. just not halter tops, tube tops, and stuff likke that. oh and sorry for the typos i type too fast and dont feel like going back to fix them ,sorry again. alright much love and thankks veryy muych.

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