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I feel sorry for my best friend she doesn't know what to do?

Ok me and my best friend have been friends since she was five and we are 15 now. Anyways ever since ive known here here mom has cheated on my friends dad with his step dad.(sick i know). She has two other family members but one is her little brother and she has a older artistic sister. She wants to tell her dad and every time we get on the phone she crys to me about it. She does not want her family to bee ripped apart but she feels really bad about it and her dad is a very angry person. Every time we get on the phone she asks me what to do and i don't know what to tell her anybody know what to say???

1 Answer

  • 1 decade ago

    id say the logical thing would be to tell her mom off... she should confront her mom about it... and ask her to stop... if she wont stop there will for sure end up being some incident where the dad finds out himself... she need not tell her dad... but she should have a talk with her mother to let her know how upset she really is...

    of course all of that is speculation... there could be other details that im not getting or undersanding so just think if that would seem fair...

    maybe that isnt the best course of action... maybe theres a help line set up for that where you guys can get help from a professional and not just some guy on the interrnet... do your homework on this one because there are multiple lives at stake here

    Source(s): just a thought kiddo
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